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How to pronounce cheapen (audio)

Dictionary Definition of 'cheapen'

To diminish the value, quality, or perceived worth of something, often resulting in a decrease in price or overall desirability.
"The artist refused to cheapen her artwork by mass-producing prints."

Detailed Meaning of 'cheapen'

When something is cheapened, its worth or reputation is reduced, typically by lowering its cost, compromising its quality, or presenting it in a manner that undermines its value. This can occur through various means, such as using inferior materials, employing unethical practices, or engaging in deceptive marketing strategies. By cheapening a product, service, or concept, its inherent value is compromised, leading to a perception of reduced worth or diminished credibility. 'Cheapen' can also be used metaphorically to describe the devaluation or degradation of intangible aspects, such as ideas, principles, or relationships, by making them seem shallow, insincere, or insignificant. In summary, 'cheapen' involves diminishing the value or quality of something, resulting in a loss of esteem or significance.

History and Etymology of 'cheapen'

The verb 'cheapen' has a straightforward etymology linked to the concept of reducing value or cost. It is formed by combining 'cheap,' which originated from Old English and meant 'inexpensive' or 'low in price,' with the suffix '-en,' which is used to indicate a change in quality or state. Therefore, 'cheapen' literally means to make something less expensive or lower in value, quality, or perceived worth. It is commonly used to describe actions that diminish the desirability or attractiveness of a product or item, often leading to a decrease in its price or overall appeal. The etymology of 'cheapen' underscores its direct connection to the idea of reducing value or cost, reflecting the word's meaning in various contexts where value and quality are at stake.

Examples of 'cheapen' in a Sentence

1. He cautioned against using overly aggressive sales tactics that could cheapen the brand.
2. The restaurant chose not to cheapen the dining experience by compromising on ingredients.
3. The artist refused to cheapen their artwork by producing mass prints.
4. They didn't want to cheapen the event by inviting inappropriate guests.
5. The company was careful not to cheapen their services by lowering prices too much.
6. She believed that excessive promotions would cheapen the exclusivity of the product.
7. The author refused to cheapen their novel by incorporating clichéd plot twists.
8. The company aimed to create a premium brand and didn't want to cheapen it with low-quality products.
9. They didn't want to cheapen the importance of the occasion with a subpar ceremony.
10. The manufacturer refused to cheapen their products by using unsafe manufacturing practices.
11. The retailer was careful not to cheapen their merchandise by overcrowding the shelves.
12. The brand maintained its luxury status by avoiding any strategies that could cheapen its image.
13. Using inferior materials can cheapen the overall construction of a product.
14. We should never cheapen the importance of honesty and integrity.
15. The constant sales and discounts can sometimes cheapen a brand's image.
16. To cheapen art with mass production is to lose its unique essence.
17. Quick fixes may temporarily solve problems but often cheapen the solution.
18. Shortcuts in craftsmanship can cheapen the final product's quality.
19. Some argue that excessive commercialization can cheapen cultural traditions.
20. Cheap knockoff products can significantly cheapen a brand's reputation.
21. Let's not cheapen our achievements by underestimating our efforts.
22. Cutting corners in research can cheapen the validity of scientific findings.
23. Careless words can easily cheapen a meaningful conversation.
24. Social media trends can sometimes cheapen genuine human connections.





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