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How to pronounce abbreviation (audio)

Dictionary definition of abbreviation

The shortened form or representation of a word, phrase, or name.
"The teacher explained the meaning of various abbreviations used in the reading assignment."

Detailed meaning of abbreviation

It is used to convey the same meaning or information as the full-length original, but in a more concise and condensed format. Abbreviations are commonly employed in written and spoken language to save time, effort, and space. They serve as convenient and efficient tools for communication, particularly in technical, scientific, and professional domains, where complex terms and long expressions are prevalent. Abbreviations are created by taking specific letters or characters from each word or part of a word and combining them to form a shorter representation. They can be acronyms, initialisms, or other forms of abbreviated forms. Abbreviations are widely utilized in various contexts, including academic writing, legal documents, medical records, and everyday conversations, providing a practical means of conveying information concisely.

Example sentences of abbreviation

1. Please provide the abbreviation for the United Nations: UN.
2. I can't understand this medical abbreviation.
3. Could you explain it to me?
4. The abbreviation "etc." stands for "et cetera" and is used to indicate additional items.
5. Can you write down the abbreviation for "International Business Machines"?
6. We use the abbreviation "USA" to represent the United States of America.

History and etymology of abbreviation

The noun 'abbreviation' finds its etymological roots in the Latin word 'abbreviatio,' which is derived from the verb 'abbreviare.' In Latin, 'ad' means 'to' or 'towards,' and 'breviare' means 'to shorten' or 'to make brief.' Therefore, 'abbreviatio' referred to the act of making something shorter or briefer. This concept of shortening extended to the written form of language, where it came to denote the practice of representing a word, phrase, or name in a shortened or condensed form. Over time, as languages developed and writing systems evolved, the term 'abbreviation' became associated with the various symbols, letters, or characters used to create these shortened representations. The etymology of 'abbreviation' underscores its historical connection to the process of condensing language for the sake of brevity and efficiency, which remains an essential aspect of written communication today.

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Further usage examples of abbreviation

1. The abbreviation "CEO" stands for Chief Executive Officer.
2. I always forget the abbreviation for the state of California. Is it "CA"?
3. The abbreviation "kg" is used to indicate kilograms in weight measurements.
4. In chemistry, "H2O" is the abbreviation for water.
5. When writing academic papers, it's important to define any abbreviations you use.
6. The abbreviation "FYI" means "for your information."
7. The abbreviation "DIY" stands for "do it yourself."
8. She couldn't decipher the abbreviation on the road sign.
9. The abbreviation "TV" stands for television.
10. The abbreviation "A.D." is used to indicate years after the birth of Jesus Christ.
11. In texting, people often use abbreviations like "LOL" for "laugh out loud."
12. The abbreviation "CPR" stands for cardiopulmonary resuscitation.
13. Can you provide the abbreviation for the company's official name?
14. I need to look up the abbreviation for the word "abbreviation."
15. The abbreviation "GMT" stands for Greenwich Mean Time.



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