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How to pronounce abnegate (audio)

Dictionary definition of abnegate

To renounce, relinquish, or give up something, often for a greater cause or to show humility.
"Parents often abnegate their own leisure time in order to support their children’s activities."

Detailed meaning of abnegate

It implies a conscious decision to deny oneself something that one may desire or need, in favor of something else. This act of abnegation can take various forms, such as sacrificing one's own interests for the benefit of others, denying oneself pleasure or comfort for the sake of discipline, or rejecting material possessions to live a simpler life. The term "abnegate" is often used in contexts that involve personal sacrifice, self-discipline, or moral or religious values. It can also connote an act of humility, as in the case of someone who willingly gives up their position of power or authority for the good of others.

Example sentences of abnegate

1. He chose to abnegate his desires for the sake of his family.
2. Some people abnegate personal comfort for charity work.
3. She decided to abnegate her ambitions for a peaceful life.
4. To find enlightenment, monks often abnegate worldly possessions.
5. Leaders must sometimes abnegate power for the greater good.
6. It takes strength to abnegate unhealthy habits.

History and etymology of abnegate

The verb 'abnegate' has its origins in Latin, specifically from the word 'abnegare,' which is a combination of 'ab,' meaning 'away from,' and 'negare,' meaning 'to deny' or 'to refuse.' In Latin, 'abnegare' originally meant to deny or reject something, often with a sense of refusal. Over time, the term took on a deeper connotation, signifying the act of renouncing, relinquishing, or giving up something, frequently for a greater cause or as an expression of humility. When someone 'abnegates,' they willingly deny themselves or give up certain desires, possessions, or privileges, often to serve a higher purpose or demonstrate a commitment to selflessness. The etymology of 'abnegate' emphasizes the notion of denying or refusing something, whether for personal or altruistic reasons, highlighting the voluntary act of relinquishing or renouncing.

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Further usage examples of abnegate

1. In times of crisis, we may need to abnegate certain luxuries.
2. The athlete had to abnegate junk food for peak performance.
3. Volunteers abnegate their time to help those in need.
4. Wise leaders know when to abnegate control to empower others.
5. To maintain inner peace, she learned to abnegate resentment.
6. The soldiers were willing to abnegate their lives for freedom.
7. He felt compelled to abnegate his ego for spiritual growth.
8. Abnegating personal gain, they worked for societal progress.
9. The decision to abnegate the presidency was a historic moment.
10. Great sacrifices are made when people abnegate comforts.
11. The teacher encouraged students to abnegate stereotypes.
12. Abnegating vices is a step toward self-improvement.
13. Sometimes, love means having to abnegate personal desires.
14. True leaders abnegate pride to admit their mistakes.
15. The monk chose to abnegate material possessions in pursuit of spiritual enlightenment.
16. In order to lose weight, she had to abnegate her love for sweets and fried foods.
17. As part of the recovery program, he was asked to abnegate old habits that led him down a destructive path.
18. The activist decided to abnegate his comfortable lifestyle to fight for the rights of the marginalized.
19. To protect the environment, we must abnegate the excessive consumption of resources.
20. In joining the military, one often has to abnegate personal desires for the sake of discipline and service.
21. The company must abnegate outdated practices that are harmful to employee well-being.
22. To achieve success in athletics, athletes must abnegate instant gratification and focus on long-term goals.
23. As an act of solidarity with the poor, the community decided to abnegate luxury items for a month.
24. The government needs to abnegate policies that perpetuate inequality and create barriers for social progress.
25. The doctor advised the patient to abnegate alcohol to improve liver function and overall health.


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