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Definition of 'forsake'

To abandon or renounce something or someone, often in a deliberate or permanent manner.
"The man decided to forsake his career and pursue his passion for art."

Detailed Meaning of 'forsake'

When one "forsakes" something, they give it up completely, without any intention of returning or reclaiming it. This could be a person, place, or thing that one has previously valued or relied on. For example, someone might "forsake" a job that they have been working at for years, in order to pursue a different career path. Alternatively, someone might "forsake" a friend who has repeatedly let them down or caused them harm. "Forsaking" something or someone can be a difficult decision to make, but is sometimes necessary in order to move on, grow, or find a better path in life.


Examples of 'forsake' in a Sentence

1. He couldn't forsake his lifelong dream of becoming an astronaut.
2. She chose to forsake her corporate career for a simpler life.
3. They promised never to forsake each other, no matter the challenges.
4. The explorer had to forsake his mission due to adverse weather.
5. Some people forsake material possessions in pursuit of spiritual enlightenment.
6. He couldn't forsake his duty to protect his country.

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Origins & Etymology of 'forsake'

The verb 'forsake' has its origins in Old English, where it was spelled as 'forsacan.' It is a combination of 'for,' meaning 'completely' or 'thoroughly,' and 'sacan,' which means 'to deny' or 'to dispute.' In Old English, 'forsacan' meant to completely deny or renounce something or someone, often in a deliberate or permanent manner. It carries the notion of a decisive and irrevocable abandonment. As the word transitioned into modern English, it retained this core meaning, describing the action of abandoning or renouncing something or someone with a sense of finality. The etymology of 'forsake' underscores the concept of a complete and deliberate renunciation, emphasizing the idea of leaving something behind or turning away from it entirely.

How to pronounce forsake (audio)


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