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Definition of 'abandon'

To completely give up or leave something or someone, often in a sudden and unexpected manner.
"He had to abandon his car in the snowstorm and seek shelter."

Detailed Meaning of 'abandon'

It can be used to describe various situations, such as deserting a place or a person, withdrawing support or resources, or relinquishing a project or a plan. Abandonment typically implies a sense of finality and irreversibility, as well as a lack of concern or responsibility for the consequences of the action. It can be a deliberate or involuntary act, motivated by various factors, such as fear, frustration, disappointment, or indifference. Abandonment can have profound effects on individuals, organizations, and communities, leading to feelings of loss, betrayal, or neglect, and requiring strategies for coping and recovery.


Examples of 'abandon' in a Sentence

1. She had to abandon her old car on the side of the road.
2. The explorer had to abandon his mission due to a severe storm.
3. Don't abandon your dreams; keep working towards them.
4. The company decided to abandon the failing project.
5. Parents should never abandon their responsibilities.
6. He chose to abandon his unhealthy habits for a better life.

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Origins & Etymology of 'abandon'

The verb 'abandon' has its etymological roots in the Old French word 'abandoner,' which, in turn, comes from the Latin word 'abandonare.' In Latin, 'ab' means 'away from' or 'completely,' and 'ad' means 'to' or 'toward,' while 'manus' means 'hand.' Therefore, 'abandonare' originally meant to release or relinquish something from one's hand, signifying a physical act of letting go. Over time, this notion of physically letting go evolved into the broader sense of forsaking or leaving something or someone entirely, often in a sudden and unexpected manner. The etymology of 'abandon' reflects this concept of complete and often abrupt desertion or surrender, emphasizing the act of walking away from something or someone without intention or care for what follows.

How to pronounce abandon (audio)


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