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How to pronounce abstemious (audio)

Dictionary definition of abstemious

Self-restraining, particularly when it comes to food and drink.
"She lived an abstemious life, avoiding excess in all things."

Detailed meaning of abstemious

A person who is abstemious is someone who is moderate in their consumption of alcohol, and is also someone who eats very little or is careful about what they eat. It can also be used to describe someone who is generally self-disciplined and avoids overindulgence or excess in any aspect of their life. It is often used to describe someone who is ascetic or has a simple and moderate lifestyle. The term has its roots in the Latin word "abstinēre" which means "to abstain from" or "to hold oneself back from." The term implies a certain level of self-control, discipline, and restraint.

Example sentences of abstemious

1. His abstemious lifestyle, free of excess, sets a healthy example.
2. She's impressively abstemious, even in the face of temptation.
3. An abstemious approach to eating aids in weight management.
4. Abstemious living is a testament to his self-discipline.
5. The monk's abstemious existence revolves around simplicity.
6. Abstemious habits contribute to her overall well-being.

History and etymology of abstemious

The word 'abstemious' has its origins in Latin. It can be traced back to the Latin word 'abstemiūs,' which is derived from 'abstineō,' meaning 'to refrain from' or 'to abstain.' The prefix 'ab-' signifies 'away from' or 'off,' while 'stineō' relates to 'holding' or 'restraining.' Therefore, when we examine its etymology, we find that 'abstemious' essentially means 'holding oneself back' or 'refraining from indulgence.' This etymological insight sheds light on the adjective's fundamental meaning, emphasizing self-restraint, especially in the context of food and drink.

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Further usage examples of abstemious

1. He follows an abstemious diet, avoiding processed foods.
2. Abstemious choices promote a mindful and balanced life.
3. She practices abstemious self-control in all aspects.
4. Abstemiousness is a cornerstone of his fitness journey.
5. An abstemious mindset influences his financial decisions.
6. Abstemious dining reflects her commitment to health.
7. The doctor praised his abstemious lifestyle for its benefits.
8. Abstemious choices align with her wellness philosophy.
9. Maintaining an abstemious diet is essential for his health.
10. Abstemious living allows room for greater personal growth.
11. He believes that an abstemious life leads to contentment.
12. Abstemiousness in spending ensures financial stability.
13. An abstemious attitude fosters a sense of control.
14. Abstemious habits lead to a life of moderation and balance.
15. The doctor recommended an abstemious diet to improve the patient's health.
16. John's abstemious lifestyle allowed him to maintain a healthy weight.
17. The monk led an abstemious existence, eating only simple meals and avoiding luxuries.
18. His abstemious habits helped him save money and avoid debt.
19. The athlete's abstemious approach to training allowed her to achieve peak physical fitness.
20. The author's abstemious writing style was praised for its simplicity and clarity.
21. The ascetic lifestyle of the religious group was marked by their abstemious living.
22. The actor's abstemious diet helped him prepare for his role as a malnourished prisoner.
23. The doctor commended her patient for his abstemious approach to alcohol.
24. The wealthy businessman lived an abstemious life despite his wealth, avoiding extravagant purchases.
25. The teacher encouraged her students to adopt an abstemious approach to studying, avoiding all-night cramming sessions.


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