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How to pronounce accolade (audio)

Dictionary definition of accolade

A formal recognition or award given in recognition of achievement, merit, or distinction.
"Winning the championship was the ultimate accolade for the hardworking athlete."

Detailed meaning of accolade

Accolades can take many forms, including trophies, certificates, medals, or other forms of recognition. They are often given to individuals, organizations, or institutions in recognition of their achievements, contributions, or impact on a particular field or industry. Accolades can be awarded for a wide range of accomplishments, including academic excellence, professional achievements, artistic merit, and community service. Receiving an accolade is an important moment in one's life, and it represents a recognition of the hard work and dedication that has been put into achieving a particular goal or level of excellence. Accolades serve as a motivation for continued success and can inspire others to strive for excellence in their own pursuits.

Example sentences of accolade

1. The actor received a well-deserved accolade for his outstanding performance.
2. The author's novel won a prestigious literary accolade.
3. The athlete's achievements earned him a notable accolade.
4. The company's product design received an industry accolade for its innovation.
5. The singer received a coveted accolade for her powerful vocals.
6. The scientist's research earned him a significant accolade in the field.

History and etymology of accolade

The noun 'accolade' has its roots in medieval European knighthood and heraldry. It can be traced back to the French word 'acolade,' which referred to the ceremonial act of conferring knighthood upon a worthy individual. The French term, in turn, was borrowed from the Vulgar Latin word 'accollare,' composed of 'ad,' meaning 'to' or 'toward,' and 'collum,' which means 'neck.' This etymology highlights the physical aspect of the accolade, as it involved the striking or touching of the knight's shoulder or neck with a sword to symbolize the bestowing of honor and rank. Over time, the term 'accolade' has evolved to describe any formal recognition or award given in acknowledgment of achievement, merit, or distinction, reflecting its historical connection to the traditions of knighthood and honor.

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Further usage examples of accolade

1. The teacher's dedication to education earned her an accolade from her students.
2. The artist's unique style garnered him an accolade from art enthusiasts.
3. The chef's culinary creations earned her a top accolade in the culinary world.
4. The humanitarian's efforts received a special accolade for her selflessness.
5. The entrepreneur's successful ventures earned him an accolade as a visionary.
6. The architect's building design received a prestigious accolade for its creativity.
7. The photographer's stunning images captured an accolade from art connoisseurs.
8. The musician's debut album earned him a well-deserved accolade for his originality.
9. The dancer's performance received an accolade for her graceful moves.
10. The playwright's play earned a special accolade for its thought-provoking themes.
11. The environmentalist's conservation efforts received an accolade for their impact.
12. The researcher's discoveries earned him a significant accolade in the scientific community.
13. The charity organization's projects received an accolade for their contributions.
14. The fashion designer's fashion line earned her an accolade for her unique style.


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