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How to pronounce praise (audio)


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Dictionary definition of praise

The expression of admiration, approval, or commendation towards someone or something.
"The project team received praise from the client for delivering the project ahead of schedule."

Detailed meaning of praise

It encompasses the act of recognizing and acknowledging the positive qualities, achievements, or actions of an individual, group, or object. Praise is often conveyed through words, gestures, or actions as a means of showing appreciation and providing encouragement. It can serve as a form of motivation, boosting confidence, and fostering a positive environment. Praise can be given for various reasons, such as excellent performance, exemplary behavior, creativity, kindness, or significant contributions. It holds the power to uplift spirits, inspire continued efforts, and reinforce desired behaviors. Genuine and heartfelt praise has the potential to strengthen relationships, build trust, and cultivate a sense of fulfillment and self-worth. By celebrating accomplishments and highlighting strengths, praise plays a vital role in promoting personal and professional growth, fostering a culture of positivity, and encouraging the pursuit of excellence.

Example sentences containing praise

1. The teacher gave high praise to the student for their exceptional essay.
2. The athlete received praise from the coach for their outstanding performance in the game.
3. The chef beamed with pride as the customers showered praise on their delicious culinary creations.
4. The musician basked in the praise of the audience after delivering a breathtaking performance.
5. The employee's hard work and dedication earned them well-deserved praise from their supervisor.
6. The charity organization received praise for their impactful work in improving the lives of underprivileged communities.

History and etymology of praise

The noun 'praise' has its etymological roots in the Latin word 'pretiare,' which means 'to prize' or 'to value.' Over time, this Latin term evolved into Old French as 'preisier,' which retained the notion of valuing or esteeming something highly. In Middle English, it became 'praise,' with its current meaning of expressing admiration, approval, or commendation towards someone or something. The etymology of 'praise' reflects the idea of assigning value and worth to someone or something through spoken or written expressions of admiration, making it a fundamental concept in human communication and appreciation.

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Further usage examples of praise

1. The author's latest novel received widespread praise from critics and readers alike.
2. The children's artwork was met with praise from their parents and teachers for their creativity and effort.
3. The team leader publicly expressed praise for the team's collaborative efforts and successful outcome.
4. The mentor provided words of praise and encouragement to the mentee for their growth and development.
5. The volunteer was showered with praise and gratitude for their selfless contributions to the community.
6. Her heartfelt praise boosted his confidence before the big presentation.
7. The praise for his artistic talents spread like wildfire.
8. They showered her with praise for her selfless acts of kindness.
9. The team's hard work earned them well-deserved praise.
10. He couldn't hide his delight at the glowing praise from the critics.
11. Teachers play a crucial role in shaping young minds, deserving praise.
12. Her dedication to the project garnered widespread praise.
13. Praise for his culinary skills made him a sought-after chef.
14. The audience erupted in thunderous praise after the breathtaking performance.
15. The praise for the rescue team's bravery was endless.
16. Praise flowed in from all directions for the innovative product.
17. Her unwavering determination earned her the highest praise.
18. The book's profound insights drew widespread praise from readers.
19. He remained humble despite the constant praise for his achievements.
20. The leader's inspirational speech garnered universal praise.
21. Their teamwork was praiseworthy and crucial to the project's success.
22. The coach's praise motivated the team to give their best effort.
23. The community came together to offer heartfelt praise to the volunteers.
24. The artist's latest masterpiece received praise from art enthusiasts.
25. Praise for her leadership skills was evident in the team's success.


commendation, criticism, condemnation, censure


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