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How to pronounce applause (audio)

Dictionary definition of applause

The act of showing approval, admiration, or appreciation for someone or something through the audible expression of clapping one's hands.
"The crowd erupted in wild applause when the team scored the winning goal."

Detailed meaning of applause

It represents the collective sound and gesture of a group of people demonstrating their positive response to a performance, speech, event, or achievement. Applause serves as an outward expression of recognition, support, and commendation. It can indicate enthusiasm, agreement, or enjoyment experienced by an audience, as they actively participate by clapping in response to something they find impressive, entertaining, or praiseworthy. Applause can also symbolize a show of respect or gratitude towards an individual or group for their efforts, skills, or contributions. Additionally, it serves as a form of encouragement, providing positive feedback and reinforcement to performers or speakers. Overall, applause represents a universal language of approval and appreciation, uniting people in their shared response to excellence or significance.

Example sentences of applause

1. The thunderous applause echoed through the stadium after the winning goal.
2. Her heartfelt speech earned her a standing ovation and prolonged applause.
3. The actor basked in the applause of an adoring audience.
4. The audience's applause filled the room as the curtains closed.
5. A wave of applause erupted when the orchestra finished their performance.
6. The applause for the talented pianist seemed never-ending.

History and etymology of applause

The noun 'applause' finds its etymological origins in the Latin word 'applausus,' which is derived from 'applaudere,' combining 'ad-' (meaning 'to') and 'plaudere' (meaning 'to strike' or 'to clap'). In ancient Rome, 'applausus' referred to the enthusiastic and audible expression of approval and admiration through clapping. Over time, this Latin term evolved into 'applause' in English, signifying the act of showing approval, admiration, or appreciation for someone or something by clapping one's hands. The etymology of 'applause' highlights the tradition of using clapping as a universal and demonstrative way of expressing one's positive sentiments and celebrating the accomplishments or performances of others.

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Further usage examples of applause

1. The children received warm applause for their impressive school play.
2. The speaker paused to acknowledge the enthusiastic applause.
3. The chef blushed as the diners' applause showed their appreciation.
4. Applause erupted when the artist unveiled their masterpiece.
5. The politician's speech was met with mixed applause and boos.
6. The magician bowed to thunderous applause after his grand finale.
7. The teacher's dedication deserved the heartfelt applause of parents.
8. Applause filled the theater as the cast took their final bow.
9. The athlete's victory was celebrated with a chorus of applause.
10. The scientist's groundbreaking discovery received worldwide applause.
11. The author's book launch was marked by enthusiastic applause.
12. The comedian's jokes had the audience in fits of laughter and applause.
13. The president's address was met with a standing ovation and applause.
14. The young poet blushed as the applause washed over her at the poetry reading.
15. The thunderous applause echoed through the concert hall after the orchestra's breathtaking performance.
16. The actor received a standing ovation and prolonged applause for his powerful portrayal of the character.
17. The speaker paused, basking in the warm applause from the audience.
18. The children's energetic performance on stage was met with enthusiastic applause from their parents.
19. The singer graciously acknowledged the applause and thanked the audience for their support.
20. The artist blushed and smiled as the gallery visitors gave her applause for her beautiful artwork.
21. The commencement ceremony concluded with resounding applause as graduates accepted their diplomas.
22. The playwright took a bow, acknowledging the applause of the audience for the thought-provoking play.
23. The politician paused to soak in the applause and cheers from the rally attendees.
24. The professor received a round of applause from the students at the end of an engaging lecture.
25. The speaker's inspiring words were met with rousing applause and a standing ovation.


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