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compliance, resistance, opposition, defiance



How to pronounce acquiescence (audio)

Dictionary definition of acquiescence

The act of accepting or yielding to something without protest or resistance.
"The company's acquiescence to the demands of the union workers prevented a strike."

Detailed meaning of acquiescence

It is a noun that encapsulates the idea of passive compliance or reluctant agreement. When someone demonstrates acquiescence, they may go along with a decision, request, or circumstance despite their own reservations or objections. This acceptance often occurs without actively voicing dissent or striving for change. Acquiescence can arise from various factors, such as a sense of powerlessness, fear of repercussions, or a belief that resistance is futile. While acquiescence may temporarily maintain harmony or avoid conflict, it can also perpetuate inequality, injustice, and the status quo. Therefore, it is essential to strike a balance between peaceful cooperation and asserting one's own rights and beliefs to foster a just and equitable society.

Example sentences of acquiescence

1. His acquiescence to the proposal surprised everyone.
2. We expected more than mere acquiescence from the team.
3. Her acquiescence to his demands was reluctantly given.
4. The acquiescence of the majority shaped the decision.
5. Acquiescence shouldn't be mistaken for genuine support.
6. Their silence was seen as acquiescence to the decision.

History and etymology of acquiescence

The noun 'acquiescence' has its etymological origins in Latin, specifically from the word 'acquiescentia.' This Latin term is a combination of 'acquiēscere,' where 'ac' means 'to,' and 'quiēscere' means 'to rest' or 'to be quiet.' Therefore, 'acquiescence' originally conveyed the idea of coming to a state of rest or quietness, and over time, it evolved to represent the act of accepting or yielding to something without protest or resistance. This etymology reflects the notion of settling into a state of agreement or compliance without active objection, emphasizing a sense of calm or quiet acceptance.

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Further usage examples of acquiescence

1. We can't rely on passive acquiescence; we need active engagement.
2. His acquiescence to her wishes demonstrated his love.
3. Acquiescence in the face of injustice is not acceptable.
4. The leader demanded full acquiescence to his plan.
5. Acquiescence is not always the best course of action.
6. She gave her reluctant acquiescence to the merger.
7. The team's acquiescence indicated their trust in the leader.
8. His acquiescence to authority came from years of conditioning.
9. They mistook his silence for acquiescence in the matter.
10. We need active participation, not mere acquiescence.
11. Acquiescence can sometimes be a sign of resignation.
12. Her acquiescence to the compromise eased tensions.
13. They secured the project's approval through acquiescence.
14. True progress requires more than passive acquiescence.
15. Despite his strong disagreement with the decision, he showed acquiescence to avoid causing a scene.
16. The teacher expected acquiescence from the students, but some voiced their dissent.
17. She nodded in acquiescence, silently conceding defeat.
18. The politician's acquiescence to the corrupt system disappointed many of his supporters.
19. The child's acquiescence to the rules of the game demonstrated good sportsmanship.
20. The employees' acquiescence to the unfair treatment perpetuated a toxic work environment.
21. The court's ruling was met with acquiescence from the defendant, who had no further legal options.
22. Her acquiescence in the face of bullying only encouraged the aggressors.
23. The team's acquiescence to the coach's strategies resulted in a successful season.
24. The citizens' acquiescence to government surveillance raised concerns about privacy rights.
25. The CEO's acquiescence to the investors' demands jeopardized the company's long-term stability.



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