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How to pronounce assent (audio)

Dictionary definition of assent

To agree, give approval, or express consent to a proposal, idea, or request.
"The committee members nodded in assent to the proposed resolution."

Detailed meaning of assent

It involves actively acknowledging and accepting something, either verbally, in writing, or through non-verbal means. When one assents, they demonstrate their agreement and willingness to go along with a particular course of action or belief. This can involve explicitly stating agreement, nodding in affirmation, signing a document, or otherwise indicating consent. Assenting to something implies a conscious decision to support or comply with a given proposition, demonstrating a shared understanding or acceptance of its validity. It can occur in various contexts, such as in formal agreements, legal proceedings, decision-making processes, or everyday conversations. Assenting carries the idea of actively embracing or confirming a viewpoint, idea, or request, indicating a willingness to cooperate or abide by what has been presented.

Example sentences of assent

1. They will assent to our plan if we provide ample evidence of its potential success.
2. With hesitation, he decided he'd assent, believing in the team's innovative vision.
3. The council is likely to assent after reviewing the revised environmental report.
4. If presented logically, the board may assent to the proposed changes next week.
5. Once aware of the benefits, the community will hopefully assent without reservation.
6. She said she'd assent if the proposal included better safety protocols for all.

History and etymology of assent

The verb 'assent' has an etymology rooted in Latin. It is derived from the Latin word 'assentire,' which is a combination of 'ad-' (meaning 'to') and 'sentire' (meaning 'to feel' or 'to think'). In Latin, 'assentire' conveyed the idea of expressing agreement or approval by thinking or feeling in a certain way about a proposal, idea, or request. This sense of agreement through thought or feeling was carried into Old French as 'assentir,' and from there, it became 'assent' in English. The etymology of 'assent' underscores its historical connection to the act of giving approval or expressing agreement through one's thoughts or feelings, highlighting the cognitive and emotional aspect of consent and agreement.

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Further usage examples of assent

1. To move forward, we anticipate the regulators will assent to our new approach.
2. With more data, the scientist might assent to the controversial hypothesis soon.
3. The investors are waiting to assent until they see a prototype of the product.
4. We’re confident the committee will assent when they grasp the plan's full scope.
5. Parents might assent to the trip if there are experienced supervisors involved.
6. We eagerly await their assent to proceed with the project.
7. The audience murmured their assent to the speaker's powerful message.
8. It is important to seek the assent of all stakeholders before implementing changes.
9. The board of directors signaled their assent to the new business strategy.
10. The judge awaited the defendant's assent to the plea agreement.
11. He raised his hand in assent to indicate his agreement.
12. The team captain sought the players' assent before making a critical decision.
13. The shareholders gave their unanimous assent to the merger.
14. The students signaled their assent to the revised school policies.
15. The committee sought the assent of the community leaders before proceeding.
16. The jury members conveyed their assent to the judge's verdict.
17. The CEO awaited the board's assent to finalize the acquisition.
18. The president sought the nation's assent for the proposed legislation.
19. The partners exchanged nods of assent during the business negotiation.
20. The members of the association expressed their assent through a vote.
21. The councilors raised their hands in assent to the proposed motion.
22. The professor required the students' assent before proceeding with the experiment.
23. The shareholders' assent was crucial for the company's restructuring plan.
24. The participants in the workshop expressed their assent by signing the agreement.


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