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How to pronounce protagonist (audio)


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Dictionary definition of protagonist

An advocate or champion of a particular cause, idea, or movement.
"He was a vehement protagonist for animal rights."


Detailed meaning of protagonist

In this sense, a protagonist is someone who actively supports and promotes a specific belief, principle, or mission. They may take a leading role in advancing their cause, rallying support, and striving to bring about change or awareness. Protagonists in this context are often characterized by their passion, commitment, and determination to make a positive impact on society or within their chosen field. They serve as the driving force behind the pursuit of their ideals, striving to bring their cause to the forefront and inspire others to join their efforts.

Example sentences containing protagonist

1. He was the chief protagonist for devolving power into autonomous regions.
2. He is a strenuous protagonist of the new immigation laws.
3. She was a vehement protagonist for female equality.
4. The protagonist of the novel was a young woman struggling to find her place in the world.
5. He was the protagonist of the story, a brave and noble hero.
6. She was the protagonist of the play, a complex and multifaceted character.

History and etymology of protagonist

The noun 'protagonist' has its etymological roots in Greek. It is derived from the Greek word 'protagonistes,' which is a combination of 'pro,' meaning 'for' or 'in favor of,' and 'agonistes,' meaning 'actor' or 'combatant.' In ancient Greek drama, the 'protagonistes' was the principal actor or character, often the one who played the leading role and was central to the plot. This central character was typically an advocate or champion of a particular cause or idea within the story. Over time, 'protagonist' made its way into English with a broader sense, describing individuals who take on the role of advocating or championing a specific cause, idea, or movement in various contexts, not just in dramatic narratives. Therefore, the etymology of 'protagonist' underscores its historical connection to the central figure who champions a cause, reflecting the idea of someone playing a prominent role in advocating for a particular concept or belief.

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Further usage examples of protagonist

1. The protagonist of the film was a charismatic and likable hero.
2. He was the protagonist of the book, a flawed but ultimately good-hearted character.
3. She was the protagonist of the story, a strong and determined young woman.
4. The protagonist of the series was a detective solving mysteries in a small town.
5. He was the protagonist of the novel, a successful businessman with a troubled past.
6. She was the protagonist of the play, a passionate and fiery young woman.
7. The protagonist of the film was an ordinary man who becomes a superhero.
8. He was the protagonist of the story, a brave and selfless soldier.
9. She was the protagonist of the book, a brilliant and resourceful detective.
10. She became a leading protagonist, passionately advocating for women's rights.
11. He emerged as a prominent protagonist, spearheading crucial education reforms.
12. The novel's resilient protagonist serves as an inspiring symbol of determination.
13. The civil rights movement boasted many courageous protagonists who battled for equality.
14. As a dedicated protagonist of renewable energy, he pioneered groundbreaking technologies.
15. The film's protagonist fought valiantly for justice against formidable adversaries.
16. The protagonist of the story captivated readers with her unwavering bravery.
17. The labor rights movement had charismatic protagonists who rallied the workforce.
18. The play's charismatic protagonist ignited the audience's passion for change.
19. She played a pivotal role as a protagonist in the fight against poverty.
20. The tech industry featured visionary protagonists who reshaped the digital landscape.
21. The novel's protagonist boldly challenged societal norms, sparking important discussions.
22. He rose to prominence as a passionate protagonist for mental health awareness.
23. The civil rights protagonist's powerful speeches resonated with millions.
24. The documentary's protagonist shed light on a pressing and often overlooked issue.
25. As a devoted protagonist for animal welfare, she rescued and cared for countless animals.
26. The historical drama's protagonist led a revolution that forever changed the course of history.
27. The environmental protagonist's tireless efforts had a profound and far-reaching global impact.
28. The charity campaign's protagonist raised millions in support of a noble cause, leaving a lasting legacy of generosity and compassion.



hero, antagonist, enemy, villain


Suffix -ist, GRE 1 (Graduate Record Examination), Advocacy and Support, Dedication and Devotion, Intrigue and Advocacy

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