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How to pronounce adjust (audio)

Dictionary definition of 'adjust'

To make alterations or changes to something in order to achieve a desired outcome or to bring it into proper alignment or balance.
"He had to adjust his tie before entering the meeting."

Detailed meaning of 'adjust'

It involves modifying or adapting a particular element, aspect, or setting to fit a specific purpose, requirement, or situation. When we adjust something, we are essentially fine-tuning or calibrating it to ensure its functionality, effectiveness, or suitability. This can involve making minor or significant changes, whether it be adjusting a piece of machinery, adjusting one's behavior or attitude, or adjusting the settings on a device. The purpose of adjustment is to achieve better alignment, optimization, or harmony, thereby improving the overall performance, functionality, or compatibility of the subject being adjusted.

History and etymology of 'adjust'

The verb 'adjust' has its etymological origins in the Latin word 'adjūstāre,' which is derived from 'ad,' meaning 'to,' and 'jūstus,' meaning 'just' or 'right.' Initially, 'adjūstāre' meant 'to make just' or 'to set right.' Over time, it evolved to encompass the broader concept of making alterations or changes to something in order to achieve a desired outcome or to bring it into proper alignment or balance. In its modern sense, 'adjust' reflects the idea of fine-tuning or modifying something to ensure it functions correctly or fits well within a particular context. Its etymology underscores the concept of bringing something into a 'just' or 'right' state, emphasizing the goal of achieving balance and proper alignment.

Example sentences containing 'adjust'

1. Can you adjust the color on this design to make it more vibrant?
2. We might have to adjust the budget due to unexpected expenses.
3. They chose to adjust their routine to include more physical exercise.
4. To get a clearer image, adjust the lens of your telescope.
5. Could you adjust the brightness on this screen?
6. We need to adjust the volume; the music is too loud.
7. Let's adjust our expectations based on the current situation.
8. We should adjust our approach to match the changing market conditions.
9. You may need to adjust the recipe slightly based on the ingredients available.
10. Please adjust your seat before the flight takes off.
11. We have to adjust the project timeline considering the delay.
12. Adjust your hat; it's not sitting straight on your head.
13. You must adjust your strategy to gain an advantage in the game.
14. Can we adjust the layout of the room to create more space?



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