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How to pronounce revise (audio)

Dictionary definition of revise

To review, modify, or make corrections to something, typically with the intention of improving or updating it.
"The team decided to revise their strategy at halftime."

Detailed meaning of revise

When one revises, they engage in a process of re-examination and adjustment, often involving written or academic material, such as essays, reports, or manuscripts. It entails carefully going through the content, structure, and organization of the piece, seeking areas that require refinement, amendment, or clarification. During the process of revision, one may add, delete, or rearrange information, ensuring coherence, logical flow, and enhanced clarity of the work. It is a crucial step in the writing process, enabling the author to refine their ideas, strengthen arguments, and polish the overall presentation. Moreover, revision is not limited to written work; it can also refer to the act of reviewing and modifying any form of creative, technical, or conceptual output to enhance its quality and effectiveness.

Example sentences containing revise

1. Before the exam, I need to revise my notes thoroughly.
2. She's going to revise her essay for any spelling mistakes.
3. I advised him to revise his sales pitch to make it more appealing.
4. Can you revise the document and add the new data?
5. They will revise the script to make the story more engaging.
6. We must revise the plan to account for the new information.

History and etymology of revise

The verb 'revise' finds its etymological roots in the Latin word 'revisere,' which is a combination of 're-' (again) and 'visere' (to look at). In Latin, 'revisere' meant 'to visit again' or 'to go back and look at something.' Over time, this Latin term evolved into the Old French word 'reviser,' which carried the sense of 'to look at again' or 'to examine once more.' As the word continued to develop in Middle English, it came to encompass the idea of not just looking at something again but also reviewing, modifying, or making corrections to it with the intention of improvement or updating. Thus, the etymology of the verb 'revise' reflects its core meaning of reexamining and making changes to enhance the quality or accuracy of something.

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Further usage examples of revise

1. I am going to revise my shopping list before I head to the store.
2. She told her students to revise their homework assignments and resubmit them.
3. The committee agreed to revise the guidelines for better clarity.
4. I will revise the schedule to make time for an extra meeting.
5. The developer needs to revise the code to fix the bug.
6. He offered to revise the contract to make it more favorable for both parties.
7. It’s crucial to revise your work for errors before submitting it.
8. The company has to revise its policies to comply with new regulations.
9. I need to revise my essay before the deadline.
10. Can you revise this contract for me, please?
11. Let's revise the marketing strategy for the new product.
12. She will revise her resume for the job application.
13. It's essential to revise your goals periodically.
14. They asked me to revise the budget proposal.
15. He decided to revise his manuscript for publication.
16. We should revise our business plan for the next year.
17. Please revise the presentation slides for the meeting.
18. The editor will revise the article for publication.
19. I must revise my study notes before the exam.
20. Let's revise the design to make it more appealing.
21. Can you help me revise these technical documents?
22. She plans to revise her diet for better health.
23. They need to revise the website's content.
24. It's time to revise the company's policies.
25. He asked his friend to revise his code for errors.
26. We should revise the itinerary for the trip.
27. The teacher asked us to revise our essays.
28. I'll revise the recipe to make it healthier.



amend, maintain, preserve, keep


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