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How to pronounce admirer (audio)

Dictionary definition of admirer

An individual who holds a deep and genuine admiration or appreciation for someone or something.
"The actress graciously accepted the bouquet of flowers from an admirer in the audience."

Detailed meaning of admirer

It typically implies a positive and respectful sentiment towards the person or object being admired. An admirer is often captivated by certain qualities, talents, achievements, or characteristics that they find inspiring or noteworthy. This admiration can stem from various aspects such as physical appearance, talent, intelligence, achievements, or personal qualities. The role of an admirer can manifest in different contexts, including romantic infatuation, appreciation for an artist's work, or admiration for a role model. Admirers may express their admiration through words, actions, support, or simply by being an enthusiastic observer. They may seek opportunities to learn more about the person or thing they admire and may even aspire to emulate or follow in their footsteps.

Example sentences of admirer

1. She had a secret admirer who would leave anonymous notes in her mailbox.
2. The singer had a large fan base consisting of devoted admirers.
3. He blushed when he discovered that his longtime crush was actually his secret admirer.
4. The artist received praise and admiration from her admirers for her creative works.
5. The politician had a group of loyal admirers who supported his policies.
6. The actress received flowers and gifts from her admirers after her successful performance.

History and etymology of admirer

The noun 'admirer' has a straightforward etymology, rooted in the verb 'admire.' 'Admire' comes from the Latin word 'admirari,' which is a combination of 'ad,' meaning 'to,' and 'mirari,' meaning 'to wonder' or 'to marvel at.' Therefore, an 'admirer' is an individual who holds a deep and genuine admiration or appreciation for someone or something, often to the extent that it inspires a sense of wonder or marvel. Its etymology underscores the connection between admiration and a sense of awe or fascination, highlighting the strong feelings of respect and esteem that characterize an admirer's sentiments toward the object of their admiration.

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Further usage examples of admirer

1. The writer's book had many admirers who appreciated her storytelling skills.
2. The athlete's impressive skills on the field gained him numerous admirers.
3. She had a circle of close friends who were also her biggest admirers.
4. The scientist's groundbreaking discoveries earned her admirers in the scientific community.
5. The teacher encouraged her students to be admirers of knowledge and lifelong learners.
6. The young actor had a growing number of admirers who saw potential in his talent.
7. The celebrity's social media posts attracted thousands of comments from fans and admirers.
8. The philanthropist's generosity gained her admirers and supporters of her charitable work.
9. The leader's charisma and charm attracted a group of devoted admirers.
10. The poet's words touched the hearts of her readers, creating a community of admirers.
11. The explorer's daring expeditions inspired a generation of young admirers.
12. The chef's culinary skills earned him admirers who frequented his restaurant.
13. The professor's lectures were attended by a mix of students and admirers of his expertise.
14. The entrepreneur's success story inspired many admirers who aspired to follow in her footsteps.


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