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How to pronounce buff (audio)

Dictionary definition of 'buff'

A person who possesses extensive knowledge, expertise, or a deep interest in a particular subject or field.
"John is a film buff who can discuss classic movies for hours."

Detailed meaning of 'buff'

A "buff" is someone who is well-informed and highly knowledgeable about their chosen area of interest. They invest significant time and effort in studying, researching, and immersing themselves in the subject matter, developing a deep understanding and expertise. Whether it's a history buff, film buff, or music buff, these individuals are known for their enthusiasm, passion, and dedication to their chosen domain. They often seek out new information, stay updated with the latest developments, and engage in discussions and conversations to share their insights and expertise with others. A "buff" is a valuable resource, as they contribute to the dissemination and preservation of knowledge, fostering a deeper appreciation and understanding of their chosen field.

History and etymology of 'buff'

The term 'buff' as a noun, referring to someone who possesses extensive knowledge or a deep interest in a particular subject or field, has an interesting etymology. It originated in the late 18th century, likely derived from the Old French word 'buffe,' which meant a blow or a slap. This sense of a forceful impact evolved over time to describe someone who had a strong and passionate interest in a specific topic. It eventually came to represent individuals who were enthusiasts or experts in a particular subject, reflecting the idea that their knowledge or passion for the subject was so intense that it figuratively struck others with its strength and intensity. Thus, the etymology of 'buff' in this context traces its roots back to the concept of forceful impact and intense interest.

Example sentences containing 'buff'

1. Sarah is a science buff who enjoys conducting experiments and exploring new theories.
2. The food buff has an impressive collection of cookbooks from different cultures.
3. Mark is a nature buff who loves hiking and identifying different plant species.
4. The fashion buff has a keen eye for trends and can effortlessly put together stylish outfits.
5. She is a language buff, fluent in multiple languages and always eager to learn more.
6. She's a film buff who can discuss movies for hours.
7. He's a history buff with a passion for ancient civilizations.
8. The tech buff always stays updated on the latest gadgets.
9. My friend is a fitness buff and hits the gym daily.
10. She's a fashion buff, always following the latest trends.
11. He's a wine buff who can identify different vintages.
12. The art buff appreciates various painting styles.
13. The music buff collects vinyl records from different eras.
14. He's a literature buff who loves classic novels.
15. She's a food buff who enjoys exploring new cuisines.
16. The travel buff has visited over 50 countries.
17. The science buff is fascinated by astronomy.
18. He's a nature buff who enjoys hiking and camping.
19. The car buff can name every make and model on the road.
20. She's a sports buff who follows multiple teams.
21. He's a politics buff, always discussing current events.
22. The gardening buff tends to a beautiful backyard.
23. The DIY buff loves tackling home improvement projects.
24. He's a technology buff, always tinkering with gadgets.
25. The language buff speaks fluently in several tongues.



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