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How to pronounce infatuation (audio)


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Dictionary definition of infatuation

An intense but short-lived passion or attraction towards someone or something.
"She mistook her infatuation for true love, only to realize her mistake later on."


Detailed meaning of infatuation

It is characterized by a strong, often overwhelming, and irrational fascination or obsession. Infatuation is a state of being deeply captivated by the perceived qualities, physical appearance, or charm of an individual, object, or idea. It is marked by an intense desire for closeness, attention, or validation from the subject of infatuation. Infatuation is often accompanied by feelings of euphoria, excitement, and an idealized perception of the person or thing being admired. However, infatuation is transient in nature and lacks the depth and stability associated with long-term love or genuine emotional connection. It can cloud judgment, leading to unrealistic expectations, impulsive behavior, and an inability to see flaws or negative aspects. Infatuation is a passionate, yet temporary, state that can fade over time as reality sets in and a more balanced perspective is gained.

Example sentences containing infatuation

1. He experienced a brief infatuation with his new coworker, unable to get her out of his mind.
2. The teenager's infatuation with the popular celebrity consumed her every thought.
3. Their whirlwind romance was fueled by infatuation rather than genuine love.
4. The artist's infatuation with nature inspired a series of breathtaking paintings.
5. He couldn't help but smile whenever he thought about his infatuation with the charming stranger he met on vacation.
6. The infatuation between the two characters in the novel created a captivating storyline.

History and etymology of infatuation

The noun 'infatuation' shares its etymological roots with the adjective 'infatuated.' It is derived from the Latin word 'infatuatio,' which is formed from 'infatuare,' combining 'in' (meaning 'in') and 'fatuus' (meaning 'foolish' or 'silly'). Therefore, the etymology of 'infatuation' essentially means 'the state of being made foolish' or 'acting like a fool in one's feelings.' Originally, it described an intense but often irrational passion or attraction towards someone or something, often with a temporary and short-lived nature, to the point of appearing foolish or lacking clear judgment. Over time, the term has continued to signify an intense but often fleeting infatuation or passion for someone or something, as it is commonly understood in modern language.

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Further usage examples of infatuation

1. She blushed when her friends teased her about her infatuation with the lead singer of the band.
2. The infatuation faded as they got to know each other better and discovered their differences.
3. Despite her friends' warnings, she couldn't resist the infatuation she felt towards the enigmatic newcomer.
4. His infatuation with success drove him to work tirelessly towards his goals.
5. The infatuation with material possessions left him feeling empty and unfulfilled.
6. His infatuation with her beauty was undeniable, but it faded quickly.
7. Infatuation can cloud judgment and lead to impulsive decisions.
8. Sarah's infatuation with adventure drove her to explore new places.
9. The infatuation with the latest tech gadgets is never-ending.
10. Mark's infatuation with sports bordered on obsession at times.
11. Infatuation often masks the true nature of a person or thing.
12. The infatuation with fame can be fleeting and empty.
13. She experienced a short-lived infatuation with painting.
14. Their infatuation blossomed during that magical summer.
15. Infatuation can blind us to someone's flaws and imperfections.
16. His infatuation with vintage cars led to a classic car collection.
17. Infatuation can make us believe in fairy tales for a while.
18. The infatuation with social media consumes so much of our time.
19. Her infatuation with music drove her to become a talented pianist.
20. Infatuation often precedes deeper feelings of love.
21. Their infatuation with each other was the talk of the town.
22. The infatuation with fast food can have health consequences.
23. Infatuation can be a powerful motivator for change.
24. His infatuation with the idea of success drove him to work tirelessly.
25. Infatuation with fashion trends can lead to extravagant spending.



obsession, indifference, apathy, disinterest


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