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How to pronounce adumbrate (audio)

Dictionary definition of adumbrate

To hint at or outline a future event, idea, or situation in a subtle and indirect manner.
"The economic indicators adumbrate potential challenges for the market."

Detailed meaning of adumbrate

It involves providing a faint preview or shadowy representation of what is to come, allowing the audience or observer to gain a sense of what lies ahead without revealing explicit details. By adumbrating, writers, speakers, or creators create a sense of anticipation and curiosity, building suspense and depth within a narrative or discourse. This technique enriches storytelling by allowing readers or listeners to infer and speculate about forthcoming developments, enhancing engagement and immersion.

Example sentences of adumbrate

1. The speaker tried to adumbrate the upcoming changes in her cryptic speech.
2. In his novel, the author used symbolism to adumbrate the story's deeper meaning.
3. The forecast didn't explicitly predict rain but seemed to adumbrate it.
4. The artist's sketch adumbrated the grand mural that would soon adorn the wall.
5. He skillfully adumbrated the project's scope during the meeting.
6. The ancient text seemed to adumbrate the rise of a great civilization.

History and etymology of adumbrate

The verb 'adumbrate' has its etymological origins in Latin. It is derived from the Latin word 'adumbrare,' which is a combination of 'ad' (to) and 'umbrare' (to shadow). In its original sense, 'adumbrate' referred to the act of casting a shadow upon something or providing a partial or preliminary representation of an object by shading or outlining it. Over time, the term evolved to take on a more abstract and figurative meaning, signifying the act of hinting at or outlining a future event, idea, or situation in a subtle and indirect manner. When someone 'adumbrates' something, they are providing a faint or suggestive outline of what is to come, often leaving room for interpretation or speculation. The etymology of 'adumbrate' reflects its historical connection to the idea of shadowing or outlining, emphasizing its role in subtly foreshadowing or suggesting things yet to be fully revealed.

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Further usage examples of adumbrate

1. Her enigmatic smile adumbrated a surprise in store for the party guests.
2. The director used foreshadowing to adumbrate the film's climactic twist.
3. The teacher tried to adumbrate the complex topic for her students.
4. The cryptic message seemed to adumbrate a secret code.
5. His vague response seemed to adumbrate a forthcoming decision.
6. The distant thunder seemed to adumbrate an impending storm.
7. The subtle hints in her words adumbrate a deeper meaning.
8. The old ruins adumbrate the grandeur that once existed here.
9. His eerie dreams often adumbrate future events.
10. The first drops of rain adumbrate the approaching downpour.
11. The fading light adumbrates the end of the day.
12. The artist used shadows to adumbrate a sense of mystery in the painting.
13. Her cautious tone adumbrates her concerns about the plan.
14. The initial scenes of the movie adumbrate the intense drama to come.
15. The prologue adumbrates the themes that will unfold in the novel.
16. The professor's remarks adumbrate the direction of the upcoming lecture.
17. The delicate brushstrokes adumbrate the contours of the landscape.
18. The introductory paragraph adumbrates the structure of the essay.
19. The soft melody adumbrates the emotions of the entire song.
20. The architect used subtle angles to adumbrate the modern aesthetic.
21. The historical artifacts adumbrate the lives of those who lived before us.
22. The whispered rumors adumbrate a scandal within the company.
23. The morning mist adumbrates the serenity of the forest.
24. The opening sequence of the film adumbrates the central conflict.


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