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How to pronounce sketch (audio)


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Dictionary definition of sketch

A rough, preliminary drawing or outline that captures the basic features, composition, or essence of an idea, concept, or subject.
"The architect presented a rough sketch of the proposed building to the client."


Detailed meaning of sketch

It represents an initial visual representation that serves as a foundation for further development, whether in art, design, architecture, or other creative fields. A sketch is typically characterized by its loose, spontaneous, and unfinished nature, lacking the level of detail and refinement found in a completed artwork. It is often created as a quick and exploratory means of brainstorming, visualizing, or communicating a concept. Sketches can range from simple line drawings to more elaborate renderings, depending on the purpose and intent behind their creation. They can be used as a reference or guide for subsequent artistic processes, such as painting, sculpting, or graphic design. A sketch captures the essence of an idea, allowing the artist or creator to refine and transform it into a fully realized work of art or design.

Example sentences containing sketch

1. Sarah drew a quick sketch of the sunset with her colored pencils.
2. The comedian's sketch had the whole audience roaring with laughter.
3. I found an old sketch of my grandfather from his days in the military.
4. The detective sketched a plan to catch the criminal red-handed.
5. The sketch show has been on the air for over two decades.
6. The art student practiced by making a sketch every day.

History and etymology of sketch

The noun 'sketch' originates from the Italian word 'schizzo,' which means 'a rough or hasty drawing.' It further traces its roots to the Late Latin word 'schedius,' which referred to a 'made-up figure' or 'an outline.' This Latin term itself likely comes from the Greek word 'skhedios,' meaning 'temporary' or 'improvised.' The evolution of 'sketch' reflects the idea of creating a preliminary, simplified representation that captures the essential features of an idea, concept, or subject. It emphasizes the spontaneity and brevity often associated with these rough drawings, making them valuable tools for artists, designers, and thinkers in conveying their initial concepts and visions.

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Further usage examples of sketch

1. We were shown an early sketch of the character design.
2. The street artist offered to make a sketch of me for ten dollars.
3. During the meeting, he made a sketch on the napkin to explain his idea.
4. The fashion designer’s sketch was transformed into a stunning dress.
5. They included a sketch map in the invitation to help guests find the venue.
6. She made a quick sketch of the mountain's silhouette.
7. His notebook was filled with doodles and sketches.
8. The artist's sketch captured the essence of the cityscape.
9. A rough sketch of the design revealed its potential.
10. I need a sketch to visualize the new room layout.
11. The sketch on the napkin became the blueprint for the project.
12. The architect presented a detailed sketch of the building.
13. Her sketch conveyed the emotion of the moment.
14. The preliminary sketch guided the final painting.
15. The sketchbook was a treasure trove of creative ideas.
16. The sketch outlined the main characters in the story.
17. The sketch provided a glimpse into the artist's process.
18. He sketched a map to help us navigate the forest.
19. The sketch captured the whimsy of the carnival scene.
20. She began with a rough sketch and refined it over time.
21. The sketchbook was filled with botanical sketches.
22. A simple sketch conveyed the complexity of the idea.
23. The sketch served as a visual aid during the presentation.
24. The designer's sketch showed the dress from all angles.
25. His quick sketch immortalized the beauty of the sunset.



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