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How to pronounce affiliate (audio)

Dictionary definition of affiliate

To formally connect, associate, or join one organization, group, or entity with another, often for mutual benefit or a specific purpose.
"Many universities affiliate with nearby hospitals for research."

Detailed meaning of affiliate

When individuals or entities affiliate with each other, they establish a formal relationship or partnership, which may involve sharing resources, collaborating on projects, or promoting common interests. Affiliation can take various forms, such as businesses affiliating with larger corporations, individuals affiliating with professional organizations, or websites affiliating with online advertising programs. This term emphasizes the act of forming an official or recognized connection, and it can be a strategic move to expand reach, enhance credibility, or achieve shared goals by leveraging the strengths of both parties involved.

Example sentences of affiliate

1. The local charity decided to affiliate with a larger international organization.
2. The two companies plan to affiliate in order to expand their reach.
3. Many bloggers affiliate with companies to promote products on their platforms.
4. The school will affiliate with the university for a joint research project.
5. If you want to make your event a success, consider trying to affiliate with a well-known brand.
6. The medical center is looking to affiliate with other hospitals in the region.

History and etymology of affiliate

The verb 'affiliate' has a Latin origin that sheds light on its meaning. It stems from the Latin word 'affiliare,' which combines 'ad' meaning 'to' and 'filius' meaning 'son' or 'child.' In essence, 'affiliare' conveyed the idea of adopting or incorporating someone or something as a kind of offspring or member. Over time, this term transitioned into English as 'affiliate,' preserving its fundamental meaning of forming a formal connection, association, or joining of one organization, group, or entity with another. This etymology emphasizes the sense of partnership and mutual benefit that often underlies affiliations, reflecting its contemporary usage in various contexts.

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Further usage examples of affiliate

1. The sports club is seeking to affiliate with the national governing body.
2. Small countries often affiliate with larger allies for protection and support.
3. Independent stores sometimes affiliate with larger chains to gain better purchasing power.
4. Musicians may affiliate with specific labels to gain more exposure.
5. The community center decided to affiliate with a network of centers to share resources.
6. He decided to affiliate his website with an e-commerce giant to increase sales.
7. Local credit unions often affiliate with national networks to provide more services to their members.
8. The new online course platform is looking to affiliate with renowned universities.
9. The college wants to affiliate with international institutions for student exchange programs.
10. To gain access to a larger market, the company decided to affiliate with a global distributor.
11. Independent artists should consider trying to affiliate with galleries to display their work.
12. The scientist decided to affiliate with a research institute to have access to better facilities.
13. Non-profits can affiliate with corporations for sponsorship and support in their projects.
14. The gaming community is looking to affiliate with developers for exclusive content.


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