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How to pronounce incorporate (audio)

Dictionary definition of incorporate

To combine or integrate something into a larger whole or system.
"The musician decided to incorporate elements of jazz and rock into the composition."

Detailed meaning of incorporate

When something is incorporated, it becomes a part or component of a unified entity. This process involves merging or including one or more elements, ideas, or entities into an existing framework, structure, or organization. Incorporation often implies a deliberate and intentional effort to bring together diverse elements to form a cohesive unit. This can apply to various contexts, such as incorporating new features into a product, incorporating feedback into a decision-making process, or incorporating a company to establish its legal status. In essence, to incorporate means to unite, blend, or include separate entities or elements into a unified whole, often resulting in improved functionality, coherence, or efficiency.

Example sentences containing incorporate

1. The chef decided to incorporate fresh herbs into the recipe for added flavor.
2. The architect plans to incorporate sustainable design principles into the new building.
3. The company aims to incorporate customer feedback into its product development process.
4. The artist incorporated various textures and materials into the sculpture.
5. The teacher encouraged students to incorporate real-world examples into their essays.
6. The team decided to incorporate agile methodologies into their project management approach.

History and etymology of incorporate

The verb 'incorporate' has its origins in Latin, stemming from the combination of 'in,' meaning 'in' or 'into,' and 'corpus,' meaning 'body.' 'Corpus' itself is derived from 'com,' indicating 'together,' and 'por,' meaning 'bring' or 'produce.' Therefore, the etymology of 'incorporate' reflects the concept of bringing something into a larger whole or system, akin to placing it within a body or framework. It signifies the act of combining or integrating separate elements into a unified entity or structure. This word has come to represent the process of including or merging various components to create a more comprehensive or cohesive whole, whether in the context of businesses, organizations, ideas, or materials.

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Further usage examples of incorporate

1. The fashion designer wanted to incorporate vibrant colors into the collection.
2. The company decided to incorporate a new technology platform to streamline operations.
3. The city council voted to incorporate the surrounding suburbs into the metropolitan area.
4. The company made a strategic decision to incorporate a new market segment into its business model.
5. The decorator worked to incorporate the client's personal style preferences into the room design.
6. We will incorporate your feedback into the final design.
7. The plan is to incorporate new technologies into our workflow.
8. They want to incorporate sustainable practices into their business.
9. The company will incorporate your ideas into the project.
10. The chef will incorporate local ingredients into the menu.
11. Let's incorporate these changes into the next release.
12. Our goal is to incorporate diversity into our workplace.
13. We aim to incorporate user-friendly features in the app.
14. The team will incorporate your suggestions into the presentation.
15. They decided to incorporate music into the event.
16. The architect will incorporate eco-friendly materials into the design.
17. We should incorporate social media into our marketing strategy.
18. It's essential to incorporate safety measures into the process.
19. The company will incorporate AI technology into their products.
20. The school will incorporate art into the curriculum.
21. Let's incorporate a feedback system into the website.
22. They plan to incorporate your research findings into the report.
23. The chef will incorporate exotic flavors into the dish.
24. We should incorporate team-building activities into the retreat.
25. The goal is to incorporate your recommendations into the plan.



integrate, separate, divide, segregate


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