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How to pronounce afflict (audio)

Dictionary Definition of 'afflict'

To cause pain, suffering, or distress to someone or something.
"Addiction can afflict people of all ages and backgrounds."

Detailed Meaning of 'afflict'

It implies the act of causing harm, distress or suffering to someone or something. It is often used to describe physical pain or illness but can also refer to emotional or psychological distress. It can also be used to describe negative conditions or circumstances that affect someone or something. The term can be used in various contexts, both personal and societal. In the context of an individual, it can refer to a physical or mental health condition that causes pain or distress. In the context of a community or society, it can refer to issues such as poverty, unemployment, or discrimination that cause suffering or hardship. It can also be used to describe a person or an event causing distress to someone or something. In general, when something or someone is described as being afflicted, it implies the act of causing harm, distress or suffering to someone or something and refers to the act of causing pain, suffering, or distress to someone or something.

History and Etymology of 'afflict'

The verb 'afflict' has its etymological roots in Latin. It is derived from the Latin word 'affligere,' which is formed from 'ad,' meaning 'to,' and 'fligere,' meaning 'to strike' or 'to dash against.' In Latin, 'affligere' originally meant 'to strike down' or 'to knock against,' often implying physical harm or suffering. As it entered the English language, 'afflict' retained this core meaning, describing the action of causing pain, suffering, or distress to someone or something. Its etymology underscores the notion of a forceful impact or harm that results in pain or suffering, emphasizing the act of striking against, both literally and metaphorically.

Examples of 'afflict' in a Sentence

1. The knowledge that famine might afflict their country caused great concern.
2. If the virus spreads unchecked, it could afflict millions worldwide.
3. Do not let fear afflict your decision-making process.
4. Poverty continues to afflict many regions in the world.
5. Mental health issues can afflict anyone, irrespective of their social status.
6. Substance abuse can afflict individuals and their families alike.
7. This pest can afflict the entire crop if left unchecked.
8. Inflation can afflict the economy, leading to financial instability.
9. Unchecked, pollution will afflict our rivers and lakes.
10. Lack of education can afflict communities, perpetuating a cycle of poverty.
11. Don't let negative thoughts afflict your mindset.
12. Disruptions in supply chains can afflict industries globally.
13. If not resolved, this technical glitch could afflict our entire network.
14. Poverty can afflict even the most resilient individuals.
15. The disease continues to afflict vulnerable communities.
16. Addiction can afflict people from all walks of life.
17. Mental health issues afflict millions worldwide.
18. Natural disasters often afflict regions unprepared for them.
19. Discrimination can afflict marginalized groups, perpetuating injustice.
20. Chronic pain can afflict a person's quality of life.
21. War has the power to afflict entire nations with suffering.
22. Injustice and inequality afflict societies in various forms.
23. The loss of a loved one can deeply afflict the grieving.
24. Substance abuse can afflict families, straining relationships.





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