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wealthy, impoverished, poor, needy



How to pronounce affluent (audio)

Dictionary definition of affluent

Possessing considerable wealth, prosperity, or financial resources.
"The affluent resort was filled with amenities and activities for its wealthy guests."

Detailed meaning of affluent

When a person or community is characterized as affluent, it suggests a high standard of living, often marked by abundant material possessions, financial stability, and access to a wide range of luxuries and comforts. Affluence typically implies a significant level of economic success and the ability to meet one's needs and desires without financial strain. This term conveys a sense of financial well-being and abundance, often associated with access to quality education, healthcare, and various opportunities for personal and professional growth. Affluence is often a key indicator of economic success and can contribute to an individual's or community's overall quality of life.

Example sentences of affluent

1. The affluent neighborhood was known for its luxurious mansions.
2. She enjoyed an affluent lifestyle, traveling to exotic destinations.
3. The company's CEO led an affluent life filled with opulence.
4. The affluent donors generously supported the charity's mission.
5. Their family has been affluent for generations, with vast estates.
6. The affluent businessman invested in high-end art collections.

History and etymology of affluent

The adjective 'affluent' has its etymological origins in the Latin word 'affluens,' which is formed from the prefix 'ad-' meaning 'to' or 'toward,' and 'fluere,' meaning 'to flow.' Thus, 'affluent' originally described something that was 'flowing toward' or 'abundantly supplied.' Over time, this term came to be associated with wealth and prosperity, as the flow of resources or riches toward an individual or a region often signified affluence. The modern usage of 'affluent' as an adjective to describe those who possess considerable wealth, prosperity, or financial resources reflects this historical connection between abundance and the flow of resources, tracing its linguistic roots back to Latin.

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Further usage examples of affluent

1. The affluent clientele dined at the finest restaurants in town.
2. The affluent community prided itself on its exclusive golf club.
3. The affluent suburbs boasted top-rated schools and amenities.
4. The city's affluent district featured upscale boutiques and boutiques.
5. She comes from a very safe and affluent part of town.
6. He is from one of the most affluent families in the area.
7. The affluent neighborhood was filled with large, luxurious houses.
8. She was an affluent businesswoman, with a successful career and a comfortable lifestyle.
9. The affluent family lived in a mansion on the outskirts of town.
10. He was an affluent investor, with a diverse portfolio and a healthy return on his investments.
11. The affluent town was known for its high-end shopping and dining options.
12. She was an affluent socialite, with a busy schedule of events and parties.
13. He was an affluent collector, with an impressive collection of rare art and antiques.
14. The affluent school was equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and resources.
15. She was an affluent philanthropist, donating generously to charities and causes she cared about.
16. The affluent suburb was a desirable place to live, with top-rated schools and low crime rates.
17. He was an affluent CEO, with a high salary and a luxurious office.
18. She was an affluent heiress, with a large inheritance and a lavish lifestyle.
19. The affluent city was known for its expensive real estate and high cost of living.


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