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accomplished, unsuccessful, failed, ineffective


Suffix -ful, Advancement and Improvement, Utility and Advancement, Ambition and Drive, Pinnacle and Perfection, Success and Achievement



How to pronounce successful (audio)


Dictionary definition of successful

Achieving a desired outcome or accomplishing one's goals with favorable results.
"She launched a successful business that quickly gained popularity."

Detailed meaning of successful

When applied to a person, it denotes someone who attains prosperity, recognition, or accomplishment in their endeavors. A successful individual is often seen as someone who has achieved personal, professional, or financial milestones. They demonstrate competence, effectiveness, and the ability to overcome challenges and achieve positive outcomes. In a broader sense, "successful" can refer to any action, venture, or undertaking that achieves its intended purpose or meets its objectives. It implies a level of effectiveness, satisfaction, or fulfillment in achieving a desired result. Success can be measured by various metrics, such as wealth, status, impact, personal growth, or the attainment of specific goals. Ultimately, being successful implies a favorable outcome, often accompanied by a sense of achievement, recognition, or accomplishment.

Example sentences containing successful

1. The team celebrated their successful completion of the project.
2. The author's book became a successful bestseller, topping the charts.
3. The athlete's hard work and dedication paid off with a successful victory.
4. The company's new marketing strategy led to a successful increase in sales.
5. The entrepreneur was known for starting multiple successful ventures.
6. The student's diligent studying resulted in successful exam results.

History and etymology of successful

The adjective 'successful' is rooted in the Latin word 'successus,' which in turn originates from the verb 'succedere.' This verb consists of two parts: 'sub,' meaning 'under,' and 'cedere,' which means 'to go' or 'to yield.' 'Successful' has evolved from this etymological foundation to describe the achievement of a desired outcome or the accomplishment of one's goals with favorable results. Its etymology subtly reflects the idea of something going or proceeding under a favorable or desired course without explicitly delving into its specific meaning.

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Further usage examples of successful

1. The artist's exhibition was a successful showcase of their talent.
2. The chef prepared a successful dish that received rave reviews from diners.
3. The scientist conducted a successful experiment, yielding groundbreaking results.
4. The actress delivered a successful performance, earning critical acclaim.
5. The politician's successful campaign led to their election as the new mayor.
6. After years of hard work, he finally achieved a successful outcome.
7. The successful project exceeded all expectations.
8. Her innovative approach made the campaign highly successful.
9. The entrepreneur's venture was remarkably successful.
10. A successful athlete requires dedication and perseverance.
11. The team's cooperation was key to their successful win.
12. The company's successful expansion led to increased profits.
13. She attributed her success to continuous self-improvement.
14. The CEO's leadership was instrumental in the company's success.
15. Their successful collaboration produced a groundbreaking invention.
16. The software update resulted in a more successful user experience.
17. A successful marriage requires communication and trust.
18. The chef's secret recipe was the key to his successful dishes.
19. The scientist's research led to a successful breakthrough.
20. The school's successful fundraising efforts benefited the students.
21. His successful negotiation skills sealed the deal.
22. A successful book launch relies on effective marketing.
23. The team's unity was crucial to their successful mission.
24. The concert was a successful blend of music and visuals.
25. The successful completion of the project brought recognition and rewards.

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