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How to pronounce ailing (audio)

Dictionary definition of ailing

In a state of poor health or experiencing a decline in physical or mental well-being.
"The ailing patient was surrounded by family members in the hospital room."

Detailed meaning of ailing

When an individual is referred to as ailing, it implies that they are unwell, suffering from an illness, or facing health challenges. Similarly, when an organization, system, or entity is described as ailing, it suggests that it is experiencing difficulties, decline, or problems that are negatively affecting its overall condition or functionality. This term conveys a sense of vulnerability and the need for attention, care, or intervention to address the underlying issues and promote recovery or improvement. It's often used to indicate a temporary or ongoing state of fragility or decline in health or vitality.

Example sentences of ailing

1. The ailing business was struggling to keep up with its competitors.
2. The company's ailing financial situation necessitated urgent restructuring.
3. The garden showed signs of neglect, with ailing plants and overgrown weeds.
4. The ailing economy required swift intervention to prevent further decline.
5. She cared for her ailing grandmother with unwavering love and dedication.
6. The ailing dog's appetite had diminished, causing concern for its health.

History and etymology of ailing

The adjective 'ailing' has its etymological origins in the Middle English word 'ailen,' which means 'to trouble' or 'to afflict.' 'Ailing' describes something or someone in a state of poor health or experiencing a decline in physical or mental well-being. The term embodies the concept of discomfort and distress, emphasizing the presence of an ailment or malady that is causing suffering. 'Ailing' is often used to describe individuals who are unwell or experiencing a decline in their health, reflecting the human experience of vulnerability and the need for care and attention when facing physical or mental challenges.

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Further usage examples of ailing

1. The artist found solace in painting during her ailing moments.
2. The politician promised reforms to address the ailing education system.
3. The ailing tree was given extra care and nutrients to promote its recovery.
4. The nonprofit organization aimed to provide assistance to ailing communities.
5. His ailing spirits were lifted by a surprise visit from a dear friend.
6. The ailing bridge was closed for repairs due to safety concerns.
7. The doctor recommended a holistic approach to treat the ailing patient.
8. The ailing business managed to rebound with a new marketing strategy.
9. The journalist's investigative reporting exposed corruption within an ailing government.
10. The therapist offered support to individuals dealing with ailing mental health.
11. The ailing theater struggled to attract audiences amidst growing competition.
12. The foundation's mission was to provide resources for ailing wildlife habitats.
13. Despite her ailing condition, her determination to continue painting never wavered.
14. The charity aimed to alleviate suffering for ailing individuals in impoverished areas.


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