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How to pronounce akin (audio)

Dictionary Definition of 'akin'

Having a similarity or resemblance between two or more things, suggesting that they are related or have a common nature or quality.
"His love for adventure was akin to that of a fearless explorer."

Detailed Meaning of 'akin'

It implies a close association or connection, often indicating a familial, cultural, or conceptual similarity. When two things are said to be akin, they share certain characteristics or traits that make them comparable or alike in some way. The term "akin" emphasizes a likeness or kinship, suggesting a shared origin or underlying similarity. It can be used to express a sense of familiarity, affinity, or closeness between different entities. Whether referring to people, ideas, objects, or concepts, "akin" conveys a sense of resemblance or kinship, highlighting the commonalities or shared features that exist between them. Overall, "akin" serves to underscore the relationship or similarity between different entities, drawing attention to their inherent likeness or shared characteristics.

History and Etymology of 'akin'

The adjective 'akin' has its etymological origins in Old English. It is derived from the Old English word 'æcn,' which means 'related to' or 'of the same kind.' This term reflects the idea of similarity or resemblance between two or more things, suggesting that they are related or share a common nature or quality. 'Akin' underscores the notion of kinship or similarity, highlighting the close connection between entities that are akin. Its etymology emphasizes the concept of things being of the same kind or having a familial relationship, emphasizing their commonality or shared characteristics.

Examples of 'akin' in a Sentence

1. Their personalities are akin, both exuding warmth and charm.
2. The research findings are akin to groundbreaking discoveries.
3. The cuisine of the two regions is remarkably akin.
4. Their interests and hobbies are strikingly akin.
5. The author's writing style is akin to Hemingway's concise prose.
6. The mountain landscapes in both photographs are akin.
7. Their viewpoints on politics are closely akin.
8. The company's culture is akin to a tight-knit family.
9. These two cars are akin in terms of speed and performance.
10. The flavors of the dishes are remarkably akin.
11. Her singing voice is akin to that of a famous opera singer.
12. The architecture of the buildings is strikingly akin.
13. The goals of the two organizations are akin.
14. Their fashion sense is akin, both favoring timeless elegance.
15. The vibrant colors of the sunset were akin to a painting in motion.
16. The novel's themes were akin to those explored in the author's previous works.
17. Their parenting styles were akin, emphasizing nurturing and open communication.
18. The musician's talent was akin to that of a prodigy, captivating audiences with ease.
19. The professor's teaching methods were akin to a mentor, guiding students with patience and wisdom.
20. The two companies had an akin vision, leading to a successful partnership.
21. The philosophy of minimalism is akin to simplicity and intentional living.
22. The flavors of the dish were akin to a culinary masterpiece, combining harmoniously.
23. Her dedication to social justice was akin to that of a passionate activist.
24. The children's laughter filled the room, creating an atmosphere akin to pure joy.
25. The two sisters had a strikingly akin appearance, often mistaken for twins.





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