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How to pronounce comparable (audio)

Dictionary definition of 'comparable'

Likened or compared to another thing, typically due to possessing similar qualities, characteristics, or standards of measurement.
"The company's growth rate is comparable to that of its competitors in the market."

Detailed meaning of 'comparable'

When two things are comparable, they share commonalities or similarities that allow for meaningful comparisons or assessments. It implies a level of similarity that enables an evaluation of relative worth, quality, or significance. Comparable objects, ideas, or concepts share enough traits or features to be considered in parallel or side by side. The term is often used when making judgments, drawing conclusions, or establishing equivalencies between different entities or variables. Whether in the realm of products, performances, achievements, or other domains, the adjective "comparable" suggests that items possess sufficient similarity to be meaningfully compared and evaluated.

History and etymology of 'comparable'

The adjective 'comparable' stems from the Latin word 'comparabilis,' which is formed from 'com-' meaning 'together' and 'parabilis' meaning 'able to be made equal.' This etymology reflects the concept of bringing things together for the purpose of making them equal or similar in some way. In English, 'comparable' is used to describe things that can be likened or compared to one another because they share similar qualities, characteristics, or standards of measurement, highlighting the idea of assessing and equating the similarities between objects or concepts.

Example sentences containing 'comparable'

1. The study found that the effects of the two medications were comparable in treating the condition.
2. The hotel's amenities and services are comparable to those of luxury resorts.
3. The performance of the rookie player was comparable to that of seasoned professionals.
4. The durability of the materials used in the construction project is comparable to industry standards.
5. The two novels have comparable themes and explore similar motifs.
6. Her dedication is comparable to that of a professional athlete.
7. The two products are comparable in terms of quality.
8. The two paintings are comparable in their artistic value.
9. Their achievements are not easily comparable.
10. His knowledge in this field is comparable to an expert's.
11. Their performance was not comparable to last year's.
12. The prices of the two cars are comparable.
13. The weight of the objects is comparable.
14. The size of the two rooms is comparable.
15. Her singing voice is comparable to a famous soprano's.
16. The test results were comparable across the groups.
17. The flavors of the dishes are comparable.
18. Their determination is comparable to Olympic athletes'.
19. The impact of the storms was comparable in severity.
20. The two novels are comparable in their complexity.
21. Their salaries are comparable in the industry.
22. The athletes' dedication is comparable to professionals.
23. The durability of the materials is comparable.
24. The research findings are comparable to previous studies.
25. The heights of the mountains are comparable.



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