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How to pronounce album (audio)

Dictionary definition of 'album'

A book or collection of photographs, artwork, or other printed material that is bound together.
"I love flipping through the photo album and reliving old memories."

Detailed meaning of 'album'

An album serves as a compilation of visual content, allowing individuals to preserve memories or showcase artistic creations. Secondly, "album" is commonly associated with the music industry, representing a collection of audio recordings or tracks released by a musician or band. It serves as a cohesive body of work, allowing artists to express their creativity and convey a specific theme or narrative through a sequence of songs. These music albums can be released in various formats, including physical CDs, vinyl records, or digital formats for streaming. Additionally, the term "album" can also refer to a collection of stamps, coins, or other collectible items that are organized and presented together. Thus, the noun "album" encompasses the notions of visual archives, musical compilations, and curated collectibles, each carrying its own significance in their respective domains.

History and etymology of 'album'

The noun 'album' has its etymological origins in Latin. It is derived from the Latin word 'albus,' which means 'white' or 'blank.' In ancient Rome, 'album' referred to a blank, white tablet or board that was used for various purposes, including displaying public notices or inscriptions. Over time, this term evolved to describe a book or collection of blank pages where individuals could compile or display various items, such as photographs, artwork, or printed material. The concept of 'album' as a bound collection of personal mementos or artistic works gradually emerged. Its etymology underscores the historical association with blank pages and the idea of a compilation, emphasizing the diversity of content that can be found within the pages of an album.

Example sentences containing 'album'

1. The wedding album captured the day beautifully.
2. The historian referred to an ancient manuscript album.
3. The album of classic literature graced her bookshelf.
4. The art gallery featured an exhibit of modern art albums.
5. She designed a personalized album for her travel photos.
6. The musician autographed my vinyl album.
7. The album of antique postcards depicted a bygone era.
8. The photo album preserves our childhood memories.
9. The album of botanical illustrations is a visual delight.
10. She gifted me a beautiful album filled with her artwork.
11. The band's latest album is a masterpiece of musical storytelling.
12. I'm excited to add the new album to my vinyl collection.
13. The album cover features stunning artwork that perfectly captures the mood of the music.
14. He spent hours organizing his stamp album, arranging each one meticulously.
15. The album received widespread acclaim from critics and fans alike.
16. I enjoy creating personalized photo albums to document my travels.
17. The album tracklist includes a mix of catchy pop songs and heartfelt ballads.
18. Their debut album quickly climbed the charts, earning them a loyal fanbase.
19. The album captures the essence of summer with its upbeat and energetic tunes.
20. I love discovering hidden gems in my parents' old record album collection.



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