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How to pronounce anthology (audio)

Dictionary definition of anthology

A collection of literary works, typically in the form of a book, that are chosen, edited, and organized by a specific theme or subject.
"The anthology of poetry was a collection of works from various authors."

Detailed meaning of anthology

They can include poetry, short stories, essays, and other forms of writing, and they are often used as a way to introduce readers to a specific genre, period, or author. An anthology can be focused on a specific theme, such as love poetry, or it can be a collection of works by a particular author or group of authors. They can be used as a tool for education, research or simply for pleasure reading. They are also used to represent the best of a particular type of literature or to showcase the works of a specific author or group of authors. They can be edited by scholars, literary critics, or by the authors themselves. In some cases, anthologies are also used as a way to preserve the literary works of a specific culture or period, making them available for future generations.

Example sentences of anthology

1. The poetry anthology featured works from renowned poets of the 20th century.
2. I contributed a short story to the science fiction anthology.
3. The film festival showcased an anthology of short films from emerging directors.
4. The literary anthology explored themes of love and loss through various genres.
5. The music anthology celebrated the greatest hits of rock and roll legends.
6. The art exhibition displayed an anthology of paintings spanning different eras.

History and etymology of anthology

The noun 'anthology' traces its origins to ancient Greece, where it combines two Greek words: 'anthos,' meaning 'flower,' and 'logia,' meaning 'collection' or 'study.' The term 'anthologia' referred to a collection of poems and other literary excerpts. It was first used in English in the 17th century. An anthology is a collection of literary works, typically in the form of a book, that are chosen, edited, and organized by a specific theme or subject. The etymology of 'anthology' aptly reflects its role as a curated gathering of literary blossoms, where each piece is carefully selected and arranged to create a bouquet of diverse voices, styles, and ideas.

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Further usage examples of anthology

1. The classic literature anthology included timeless novels and essays.
2. The history anthology chronicled significant events from different time periods.
3. The anthology of essays covered diverse topics, from politics to culture.
4. The horror anthology featured spine-chilling tales from various authors.
5. The comedy anthology offered a collection of humorous stories and jokes.
6. The anthology of world religions explored the beliefs and practices of different faiths.
7. The dance performance showcased an anthology of choreography styles.
8. The fashion anthology highlighted iconic looks from fashion history.
9. The photography anthology captured striking moments from around the world.
10. The anthology of speeches included powerful addresses from influential leaders.
11. The anthology of recipes featured a diverse range of international cuisines.
12. The environmental anthology examined ecological issues through literature.
13. The poetry anthology celebrated the beauty of language and emotions.
14. The anthology of short films showcased the creativity of independent filmmakers.
15. The travel anthology recounted adventurous journeys to exotic destinations.
16. The anthology of classical music compositions spanned different musical eras.
17. The science anthology explored groundbreaking discoveries and theories.
18. The anthology of biographies chronicled the lives of notable figures.
19. The sports anthology highlighted iconic moments and athletes in history.


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