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How to pronounce allotment (audio)

Dictionary definition of allotment

A portion or share of something that is assigned or distributed to someone.
"The company made a generous allotment of shares to its employees."

Detailed meaning of allotment

It represents a specific amount or allocation of resources, such as money, time, or land, given to an individual or group for a particular purpose. For instance, in financial terms, an allotment can refer to the portion of shares or stocks granted to an investor. Secondly, "allotment" can also denote a designated plot of land, typically in a community garden or similar setting, that is rented or assigned to individuals for cultivating crops or gardening. In this sense, an allotment provides people with a small piece of land where they can grow plants or vegetables for personal use. Additionally, "allotment" can refer to the process or act of allocating or distributing resources or responsibilities. It involves the division and apportionment of something among different parties or individuals according to a set of rules or criteria. Overall, the term "allotment" encompasses notions of allocation, sharing, and designated land for cultivation, each having its own significance in their respective domains.

Example sentences of allotment

1. She received a small allotment of land for gardening.
2. Each student was given an equal allotment of classroom supplies.
3. The monthly allotment of funds helps cover living expenses.
4. The council oversees the allotment of public housing.
5. He requested an increased allotment of vacation days.
6. The allotment of tickets for the concert sold out quickly.

History and etymology of allotment

The noun 'allotment' can be traced back to the Old French word 'alotement,' which is derived from the verb 'aloter.' In Old French, 'aloter' meant to divide or allocate something among individuals or groups. This Old French term, in turn, has its origins in the Medieval Latin word 'allotamentum,' which is derived from 'allotare.' The Latin 'allotare' is a combination of 'ad,' meaning 'to,' and 'lotus,' meaning 'lot' or 'portion.' In this context, 'allotment' embodies the concept of assigning or distributing portions or shares of something to specific individuals or groups. Over time, it has evolved to encompass the idea of a portion or share of something that is formally assigned or distributed to someone. Thus, the etymology of 'allotment' reflects its historical connection to the act of dividing and allocating portions or shares.

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Further usage examples of allotment

1. The company announced a budgetary allotment for the project.
2. The division of chores followed a fair allotment system.
3. Her allotment of time for the presentation was limited.
4. The army rationed food allotment during wartime.
5. The allotment of tasks made the project manageable.
6. They received an annual allotment of free museum passes.
7. The small garden allotment produced a bountiful harvest.
8. The allotment of resources influenced project outcomes.
9. The allotted space in the parking lot filled up fast.
10. He carefully managed his daily calorie allotment.
11. Each family had an equal allotment of water from the well.
12. The city increased the allotment of recycling bins.
13. The teacher explained the allotment of homework assignments.
14. The committee discussed the fair allotment of scholarships.
15. She received a small allotment of funds to cover her research expenses.
16. The government announced an increased allotment of resources for infrastructure development.
17. They rented an allotment in the community garden to grow their own vegetables.
18. The school provided each student with a personal allotment of art supplies.
19. The committee decided on an equal allotment of responsibilities among its members.
20. The city council discussed the allocation of budget allotments for various public services.
21. He was granted an allotment of extra time to complete the exam due to his special needs.
22. The organization received a substantial allotment of funding from a philanthropic foundation.
23. The residents eagerly awaited the new season to begin working on their allotments.
24. The committee reviewed the allotment of scholarships for deserving students.
25. Each participant in the program received an allotment of study materials and resources.



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