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resentment, contentment, happiness, satisfaction



How to pronounce bitterness (audio)

Dictionary definition of bitterness

A deep and enduring feeling of resentment, anger, or disappointment.
"The bitterness in their relationship was evident in their harsh words and constant arguments."

Detailed meaning of bitterness

It encompasses the emotional state of being deeply unhappy or resentful due to perceived injustice, betrayal, or unfavorable circumstances. Bitterness often arises from experiences of loss, failure, or prolonged conflict, leaving a lingering sense of negativity and hostility. It can manifest in various aspects of life, including personal relationships, professional settings, or broader societal dynamics. Bitterness can consume an individual, affecting their outlook, behavior, and interactions with others. It is characterized by a lingering sense of anger or resentment that is difficult to overcome, often coloring one's perceptions and actions. Over time, bitterness can have a detrimental impact on one's emotional well-being, hindering personal growth and the ability to find peace and resolution.

Example sentences of bitterness

1. She couldn't hide her bitterness towards her former friend who had betrayed her trust.
2. The bitterness of defeat lingered in his heart long after the game was over.
3. The bitterness of the breakup left him with a deep sense of sadness and resentment.
4. Their bitter rivalry divided the entire community into factions.
5. The bitterness between the two families had been passed down for generations, fueled by old grudges.
6. Her bitter disappointment at not getting the promotion was hard to conceal.

History and etymology of bitterness

The noun 'bitterness' has a poignant etymology that connects it to a deep and enduring feeling of resentment or disappointment. It derives from the Old English word 'biternys,' which evolved from the adjective 'bitter,' reflecting the taste of something sharp and unpleasant. Over time, 'bitterness' expanded its meaning to describe the emotional experience of holding onto persistent feelings of anger, resentment, or disappointment, often associated with a sense of sharpness and unpleasantness akin to the taste of bitterness. Thus, the etymology of 'bitterness' underscores the linguistic transformation of a sensory description into an emotional one, highlighting the connection between the taste of bitterness and the enduring emotional state it now represents.

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Further usage examples of bitterness

1. The bitterness in his voice was palpable as he recounted the unfair treatment he had endured.
2. Years of bitterness had turned their once-strong friendship into bitter animosity.
3. The bitterness of their past conflicts prevented any chance of reconciliation.
4. The bitter taste of failure spurred him to work harder and prove himself.
5. The bitterness of her childhood experiences shaped her worldview and made it difficult for her to trust others.
6. The bitterness in her heart grew with each passing day.
7. His bitterness towards his former colleague was palpable.
8. The bitterness of betrayal left a lasting scar on her soul.
9. Their bitterness had poisoned their once-close friendship.
10. He tried to hide his bitterness, but it seeped through in his words.
11. The bitterness of the divorce settlement left them both unsatisfied.
12. The bitterness of defeat haunted him long after the game ended.
13. She couldn't let go of the bitterness from past failures.
14. The bitterness of the past still cast a shadow over their relationship.
15. His bitterness towards his childhood bully was understandable.
16. The bitterness in their marriage was evident to everyone.
17. The bitterness in her voice was hard to ignore.
18. He struggled to overcome the bitterness of rejection.
19. The bitterness of rejection fueled her determination to succeed.
20. The bitterness of unfulfilled dreams weighed heavily on him.
21. The bitterness between the two nations persisted for decades.
22. The bitterness in their rivalry was a driving force in their careers.
23. She had to let go of the bitterness to find peace.
24. The bitterness of loss gnawed at his heart.
25. The bitterness of missed opportunities haunted him for years.


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