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How to pronounce anonymous (audio)

Dictionary definition of 'anonymous'

Without a known or disclosed identity, often deliberately so.
"The charity received an anonymous donation that greatly helped their cause."

Detailed meaning of 'anonymous'

When an entity or individual is referred to as anonymous, it means their name, origin, or identity has intentionally been kept hidden or undisclosed. This can pertain to various situations, such as anonymous donations, anonymous tips, or anonymous authors of written works. The term emphasizes the absence of personal recognition or attribution, often highlighting the focus on the content, message, or action itself rather than the person behind it. Anonymity can be chosen for reasons of privacy, protection, or a desire to let the work or action stand on its own merit without being tied to a specific individual.

History and etymology of 'anonymous'

The term 'anonymous' finds its origins in the ancient Greek language. It can be broken down into two distinct parts: 'an,' meaning 'without,' and 'onoma,' which translates to 'name.' Therefore, the word 'anonymous' quite literally means 'without a name' or 'lacking an identity.' This etymological root reflects the essence of the word, conveying the idea of something being done or existing without a known or disclosed identity, often intentionally so, as in the case of anonymous authors or contributors who choose to remain nameless.

Example sentences containing 'anonymous'

1. The mysterious letter arrived in the mail, bearing an anonymous sender.
2. The charity received an anonymous gift that greatly helped their cause.
3. The social media platform allowed users to interact anonymously with each other.
4. The support group offered a safe space for individuals to share their stories anonymously.
5. The comment section was filled with both supportive and anonymous negative remarks.
6. The company conducted an anonymous employee satisfaction survey to gather honest opinions.
7. The artist's street art gained attention as they remained anonymous to the public.
8. The tips hotline allowed people to report suspicious activities anonymously.
9. The online chat room provided a platform for people to discuss personal issues anonymously.
10. The handwritten notes of encouragement were left anonymously on coworkers' desks.
11. The blogger preferred to remain anonymous, focusing on content rather than personal identity.
12. The contest entry was submitted anonymously to ensure fairness in judging.
13. The group organized an anonymous gift exchange for the holiday season.
14. The online forum had strict guidelines against using anonymous accounts for harassment.



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