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How to pronounce nameless (audio)


Dictionary definition of nameless

Lacking a specific or known name.
"The distant mountain range was adorned with nameless peaks, each holding its own mystery."

Detailed meaning of nameless

It describes entities that are unidentified or anonymous, often emphasizing the absence of a recognized or given name. When something is referred to as nameless, it suggests a sense of mystery, anonymity, or insignificance. It can denote objects, places, or individuals whose identities remain undisclosed or unacknowledged. The adjective also carries a connotation of being unspoken or unmentionable, as if the lack of a name renders it difficult to describe or discuss openly. Furthermore, "nameless" can be used figuratively to describe abstract concepts or emotions that are difficult to articulate or define precisely. Overall, the term "nameless" conveys a sense of unknown, unidentifiable, or unacknowledged existence, invoking a sense of intrigue, anonymity, or ineffability.

Example sentences containing nameless

1. The nameless figure emerged from the shadows, causing unease among the onlookers.
2. She was captivated by the beauty of a nameless flower blooming in the meadow.
3. In the face of great danger, he summoned the strength of nameless courage.
4. The abandoned house stood silent and nameless, forgotten by time.
5. The artist preferred to leave their paintings nameless, allowing viewers to interpret them freely.
6. The victim of the crime remained nameless, buried in an unmarked grave.

History and etymology of nameless

The adjective 'nameless' is formed by adding the suffix '-less' to the word 'name,' creating the meaning 'lacking a specific or known name.' The word 'name' itself comes from the Old English 'nama,' which was derived from the Germanic root '*namô,' meaning 'to name' or 'to give a name to.' 'Nameless' essentially signifies the absence of a name or the condition of not having a known or specific designation. Its etymology underscores the connection between the absence of a name and the adjective 'nameless,' describing something that remains unidentified or unacknowledged by a specific name.

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Further usage examples of nameless

1. A nameless fear gripped her as she ventured into the dark, unknown forest.
2. The song stirred up nameless emotions, bringing tears to their eyes.
3. The manuscript discovered in the old library was filled with nameless tales of adventure.
4. They felt a nameless longing, a yearning for something undefined yet deeply felt.
5. The nameless protagonist of the novel became a symbol of every individual's struggle and search for identity.
6. The nameless stranger appeared at our doorstep, seeking shelter.
7. In the depths of the forest, we stumbled upon a nameless stream.
8. The nameless hero emerged from the shadows to save the day.
9. She wore a nameless fragrance that captivated everyone around her.
10. The ancient ruins held the secrets of a nameless civilization.
11. His artwork was filled with nameless emotions and abstract forms.
12. A nameless fear gnawed at the edges of his consciousness.
13. The night sky was adorned with countless nameless stars.
14. They explored the nameless alleys of the old, forgotten city.
15. The nameless manuscript held the key to a hidden treasure.
16. She found solace in the nameless faces of the bustling city.
17. A nameless sadness lingered in the air after their farewell.
18. The nameless charm of the quaint village was enchanting.
19. A nameless sorrow permeated the melancholic melody.
20. The nameless pain in his eyes spoke of a troubled past.
21. Among the nameless graves, a sense of peace prevailed.
22. The nameless threat loomed, causing unease in the town.
23. He discovered a nameless starfish washed ashore.
24. Her nameless talent for storytelling left everyone in awe.
25. They embarked on a journey to explore nameless horizons.

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