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How to pronounce apolitical (audio)

Dictionary definition of apolitical

Characterized by a lack of interest, involvement, or engagement in political matters, discussions, or affiliations.
"She preferred to stay apolitical and not engage in political discussions."

Detailed meaning of apolitical

Someone or something that is apolitical deliberately avoids taking sides in political debates, refraining from expressing political opinions, and avoiding participation in political activities. This term describes individuals, organizations, or situations that prioritize neutrality and abstain from aligning themselves with any particular political ideology or party. Being apolitical often implies a focus on non-political issues or a desire to maintain a distance from the complexities of the political landscape, aiming to remain unaffected by political biases and agendas.

Example sentences of apolitical

1. She remains apolitical, preferring to avoid political debates.
2. His apolitical stance keeps him out of partisan arguments.
3. The company maintains an apolitical stance in its operations.
4. Some people choose to stay apolitical to reduce stress.
5. The apolitical nature of the gathering fostered harmony.
6. Being apolitical doesn't mean you're disengaged from society.

History and etymology of apolitical

The adjective 'apolitical' has its etymological roots in Greek. It is formed by combining 'a,' which means 'without,' and 'politikos,' which relates to 'politics' or 'the affairs of the city.' Therefore, 'apolitical' can be understood as 'without politics' or 'not involved in political matters.' This term is used to describe individuals or situations characterized by a lack of interest, involvement, or engagement in political matters, discussions, or affiliations. 'Apolitical' underscores the absence of political influence or participation, often reflecting a deliberate choice to remain uninvolved in the realm of politics. Its etymology reflects its historical connection to the Greek roots for 'without politics,' emphasizing the state of disengagement or neutrality in political affairs.

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Further usage examples of apolitical

1. She values an apolitical workplace to avoid conflicts.
2. The artist's work is intentionally apolitical in nature.
3. They lead an apolitical lifestyle focused on personal matters.
4. The apolitical nature of the event attracted diverse attendees.
5. Remaining apolitical can sometimes be seen as indifference.
6. The organization promotes an apolitical environment for employees.
7. He describes himself as apolitical, focusing on family instead.
8. Their apolitical beliefs allow for open discussions.
9. The apolitical stance of the school fosters academic freedom.
10. Staying apolitical can be a conscious choice for some.
11. She prefers apolitical conversations to avoid tension.
12. The apolitical tone of the book appeals to a broad audience.
13. Being apolitical doesn't mean you lack social awareness.
14. Maintaining an apolitical stance can be challenging in today's world.
15. The apolitical news source aimed to deliver unbiased and objective reporting.
16. The organization maintained an apolitical stance to avoid bias and controversy.
17. He described himself as apolitical, focusing on personal interests rather than political matters.
18. The artist's work was apolitical, focusing solely on aesthetic expression.
19. The apolitical nature of the event allowed attendees from diverse political backgrounds to come together.
20. The apolitical approach of the charity organization aimed to address social issues without political affiliation.
21. The committee members remained apolitical during their decision-making process.
22. The apolitical newspaper aimed to provide unbiased news coverage to its readers.
23. The apolitical nature of the discussion group allowed for open dialogue and diverse perspectives.
24. The student organization declared itself apolitical, focusing solely on student welfare and activities.
25. The apolitical nature of the project attracted participants from various political ideologies.
26. The company's code of conduct emphasized an apolitical work environment, discouraging discussions that could lead to division or conflict.


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