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How to pronounce arachnophobia (audio)

Dictionary Definition of 'arachnophobia'

A specific phobia that is characterized by an excessive and persistent fear of spiders.
"He had a severe case of arachnophobia and avoided spiders at all costs."

Detailed Meaning of 'arachnophobia'

This fear can be so severe that it interferes with a person's daily life and activities. People with arachnophobia may experience physical symptoms such as a rapid heartbeat, sweating, and shaking when they are exposed to spiders or even pictures or thoughts of spiders. They may avoid places or situations where they think they might encounter spiders, or they may become extremely distressed when they come into contact with them. This phobia is relatively common, and it can be treated with therapy, medication, or a combination of both.

History and Etymology of 'arachnophobia'

The noun 'arachnophobia' is a compound word stemming from two sources: 'arachno,' derived from the Greek word 'aráchnē,' meaning spider, and 'phobia,' which comes from the Greek 'phóbos,' signifying fear. This term refers to a specific phobia characterized by an excessive and persistent fear of spiders. The etymology of 'arachnophobia' vividly captures the essence of this psychological condition, highlighting the intense and irrational dread associated with these eight-legged creatures. It exemplifies how language can succinctly convey the nature of a particular fear, in this case, the profound aversion to spiders that individuals with arachnophobia experience.

Examples of 'arachnophobia' in a Sentence

1. The Halloween decorations filled with fake spiders were a nightmare for her arachnophobia.
2. His friends teased him by placing a toy spider on his desk, knowing about his arachnophobia.
3. The mere thought of encountering a spider caused a shiver of arachnophobia.
4. Her arachnophobia compelled her to meticulously check every corner of her room.
5. He had to look away when a spider appeared on the TV screen due to his arachnophobia.
6. The outdoor camping trip turned into a nightmare for the girl with arachnophobia.
7. A therapy group provided a safe space for people to share their arachnophobia experiences.
8. His arachnophobia often led to misunderstandings, as people didn't grasp his fear.
9. She admired those with pet tarantulas, even though her arachnophobia would never allow it.
10. His arachnophobia meant that he refused to go near any garden or outdoor area.
11. The suspenseful scene involving spiders in the movie triggered her arachnophobia.
12. Despite her arachnophobia, she felt a strange fascination with learning about different spider species.
13. The jokes about spiders made at the party made her uncomfortable due to her arachnophobia.
14. His arachnophobia was so strong that even spider-related memes made him uneasy.





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