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How to pronounce arrangement (audio)

Dictionary definition of arrangement

The act or process of organizing or putting things in a particular order or pattern.
"The museum curator decided on a chronological arrangement of the artworks in the exhibition."

Detailed meaning of arrangement

It involves the deliberate placement or configuration of elements to achieve a desired outcome or aesthetic. An arrangement can involve physical objects, such as arranging furniture in a room or arranging flowers in a vase, where the goal is to create a visually pleasing or functional layout. It can also pertain to the organization of abstract concepts, such as arranging ideas in a logical sequence or structuring information in a coherent manner. An arrangement implies a deliberate act of planning or design, where various components are purposefully positioned or grouped together. This noun underscores the notion of intentional organization and the thoughtful consideration of the placement, order, or composition of elements to achieve a specific purpose or desired effect.

Example sentences of arrangement

1. The arrangement of flowers in the vase is stunning.
2. We need to finalize the seating arrangement for the event.
3. Her arrangement of the room made it feel cozy.
4. The musical arrangement of that song is impressive.
5. The arrangement of furniture in the office is efficient.
6. His arrangement of the facts clarified the situation.

History and etymology of arrangement

The noun 'arrangement' derives its etymology from the verb 'arrange,' as both words are closely linked in meaning. 'Arrangement' shares the same Middle English roots with 'arrange,' which is 'arayngen,' consisting of 'a-' (a prefix indicating 'to' or 'toward') and 'raien' or 'rayen,' meaning 'to order' or 'to prepare.' These Middle English terms can be traced back to Old French 'arengier' or 'arengier,' signifying 'to put in order' or 'to arrange.' The notion of putting things in a particular order or pattern is central to 'arrangement,' and its etymology underscores the concept of organizing and structuring elements to achieve a specific purpose, whether in music, art, or various other aspects of human endeavor.

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Further usage examples of arrangement

1. The arrangement of colors in the painting is striking.
2. We'll discuss the payment arrangement for the contract.
3. The committee approved the budgetary arrangement.
4. She admired the intricate arrangement of the mosaic.
5. The event planner worked tirelessly to create a beautiful floral arrangement for the wedding reception.
6. The professor requested an arrangement of the chairs in a circle to facilitate group discussions.
7. The artist carefully crafted an arrangement of colors and shapes on the canvas.
8. The orchestra rehearsed the musical arrangement before the big concert.
9. The interior designer created a stylish arrangement of furniture and decor in the living room.
10. The librarian organized the books on the shelves in alphabetical order as per the arrangement.
11. The meeting room had a comfortable seating arrangement with chairs and a large conference table.
12. The caterer presented an exquisite arrangement of appetizers on a platter.
13. The wedding planner finalized the seating arrangement for the guests based on their preferences.
14. The chef skillfully arranged the ingredients on the plate, creating an appetizing food arrangement.
15. The landscape designer meticulously planned the arrangement of plants and flowers in the garden.



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