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How to pronounce configuration (audio)

Dictionary definition of configuration

The arrangement, structure, or organization of elements or components within a system, object, or concept.
"The technician adjusted the configuration of the network routers for improved connectivity."

Detailed meaning of configuration

It describes the specific way in which parts or elements are positioned, combined, or interconnected to form a whole. A configuration can be physical, such as the arrangement of components in a machine or the layout of furniture in a room. It can also be abstract, such as the arrangement of settings or parameters in software or the organization of data in a database. The concept of configuration is important in various fields, including technology, engineering, computer science, and design, as it determines the functionality, performance, and overall characteristics of a system or entity. By understanding and manipulating configurations, one can optimize efficiency, compatibility, and effectiveness in a wide range of contexts.

Example sentences containing configuration

1. The software developer customized the application's configuration to meet the client's specific requirements.
2. The car's aerodynamic configuration allowed it to achieve high speeds on the racetrack.
3. The IT team is working on a new server configuration to enhance system performance.
4. The artist experimented with different brush configurations to create unique textures in their paintings.
5. The spacecraft's configuration was meticulously designed to withstand the extreme conditions of space.
6. The chef altered the cooking temperature and time as per the recipe's recommended configuration.

History and etymology of configuration

The noun 'configuration' has its etymological roots in the Latin word 'configuratio,' which is a combination of 'con-' meaning 'together' and 'figurare' meaning 'to shape' or 'to form.' This etymology vividly conveys the essence of 'configuration' as the arrangement or shaping of elements or components within a system, object, or concept, emphasizing their cohesiveness and interrelationship. It implies the idea of giving form to a particular arrangement, structure, or organization by bringing elements together. The term 'configuration' retains its etymological connection to the concept of shaping or forming elements collectively to create a specific arrangement, reflecting its role in describing the overall structure or arrangement of various components within a given context.

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Further usage examples of configuration

1. The company implemented a new email configuration to filter out spam and improve email security.
2. The architect presented a floor plan with multiple room configuration options for the client to choose from.
3. The company's website underwent a complete configuration overhaul to enhance user experience.
4. The engineer analyzed the data and recommended a new configuration for optimizing energy efficiency in the building.
5. The computer's configuration determines its performance.
6. The unique configuration of the puzzle made it challenging.
7. The optimal configuration of the team was debated.
8. The software's configuration can be customized.
9. The configuration of the room allowed for ample seating.
10. The aircraft's wing configuration enhances aerodynamics.
11. Understanding the network's configuration is vital.
12. The device's configuration can be adjusted for efficiency.
13. The city's street configuration is complex.
14. The server's configuration needs regular maintenance.
15. The configuration of the circuit was well-designed.
16. The car's engine configuration maximizes power.
17. The factory's machinery had an intricate configuration.
18. The software's configuration file stores preferences.
19. The product's configuration can be tailored to your needs.
20. The star's constellation configuration was visible at night.
21. The city's transportation configuration influences traffic flow.
22. The robot's arm configuration allows for precision.
23. The company's network configuration is secure.
24. The room's seating configuration accommodates large groups.



arrangement, disorganization, disorder, chaos


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