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How to pronounce artist (audio)

Dictionary Definition of 'artist'

A person who creates visual art forms such as paintings, drawings, sculptures, or other forms of artistic expression.
"The artist's studio was filled with paintings in various stages of completion."

Detailed Meaning of 'artist'

In this sense, an artist is someone who possesses creative skills, technical expertise, and a unique artistic vision to produce visual artworks that evoke emotions, communicate ideas, or capture the beauty of the world. Secondly, artist can also denote a person skilled in any form of creative expression, such as music, dance, writing, or performance arts. It encompasses individuals who excel in their respective artistic disciplines, utilizing their talents and abilities to produce works that engage and inspire audiences. Additionally, artist can represent a person who exhibits exceptional skill or talent in a particular field, not necessarily limited to the arts. It implies a mastery of a craft, profession, or discipline, where individuals demonstrate creativity, originality, and a distinctive approach in their work. Furthermore, artist can refer to a person who possesses a unique and imaginative way of seeing and understanding the world, often with a deep appreciation for aesthetics and creativity. Overall, artist conveys the notions of a creator of visual or performing arts, a skilled practitioner of creative expression, an individual with exceptional talent or mastery, and someone who possesses a unique perspective on the world through their creativity.

History and Etymology of 'artist'

The noun 'artist' has a fascinating etymology that can be traced back to the Latin word 'ars,' which means 'art' or 'skill,' and 'artista,' which was used to describe someone skilled in a particular craft or art form. In the Middle Ages, 'artista' referred to individuals who excelled in various crafts, including painting, sculpture, and other artistic expressions. As language evolved, 'artista' transitioned into the Old French 'artiste,' and eventually, it became 'artist' in English. Throughout this evolution, the term 'artist' maintained its association with individuals who possess exceptional skill and creativity in creating visual art forms, such as paintings, drawings, sculptures, and other artistic expressions. Thus, the etymology of 'artist' underscores the enduring link between artistic talent and the mastery of creative skills that define those who engage in visual artistry.

Examples of 'artist' in a Sentence

1. The artist's use of color and light created a sense of depth and emotion in his paintings.
2. The musician's album showcased his growth as an artist, both lyrically and musically.
3. The artist was known for pushing boundaries and challenging conventional artistic norms.
4. The art critic praised the artist's ability to evoke powerful emotions through her photography.
5. The city commissioned a mural from a local artist to beautify a public space.
6. The artist's masterpiece sold for a record-breaking price.
7. Picasso was a renowned artist of the 20th century.
8. The artist drew inspiration from nature's beauty.
9. The gallery featured both contemporary and classical artists.
10. The young artist's talent showed great promise.
11. The artist's studio was filled with vibrant colors.
12. She aspired to become a professional artist someday.
13. The artist's work captured the essence of the city.
14. The museum celebrated the works of local artists.
15. The artist sketched the landscape with great precision.
16. Art enthusiasts gathered to admire the talented artist's creations.





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