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How to pronounce askance (audio)

Dictionary definition of askance

With a side glance or look that is given with suspicion, distrust, or disapproval.
"She looked askance at the chicken feet that were floating in her soup."

Detailed meaning of askance

It can also be used as an adverb, as in "to look askance," meaning to look at something with suspicion or mistrust. The word can be used to describe a person who is looking at something with a critical or skeptical eye, or it can be used to describe a situation in which someone is being viewed with suspicion or distrust.

Example sentences of askance

1. He looked askance at the car salesman's assertion that the car had only one previous lady owner.
2. She looked askance at the car salesman 's assertion that the car has only 20,000 genuine miles.
3. The concierge looked askance at his scruffy jeans and running shoes.
4. The parents looked askance at the older man who had come to pick up their daughter.
5. He looked askance when she suggested they should run away with paying the bill.
6. She looked at me rather askance when I told her I was looking for an open relationship.

History and etymology of askance

The adverb 'askance' has a rich etymology rooted in Old English. It is derived from the Old English phrase 'on sceanc,' where 'on' means 'on' or 'at,' and 'sceanc' translates to 'the side.' Over time, this phrase evolved into 'askance,' with the sense of looking or glancing to the side. When used figuratively, 'askance' describes a sidelong or sideways glance given with suspicion, distrust, or disapproval. The etymology of 'askance' reflects its original physical meaning of looking to the side and how this evolved into a metaphorical expression of skepticism or disapproval in the context of interpersonal interactions.

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Further usage examples of askance

1. .
3. The opposition party looked askance as details of the government scandal broke.
4. She looked at him askance when he told her he had won the lottery.
5. He couldn't help but look at the strange object askance.
6. The teacher looked at the student askance when he handed in his homework late for the third time that week.
7. She looked at the food askance, wondering if it was safe to eat.
8. He looked at the invitation askance, wondering if it was a joke.
9. The police officer looked at the suspicious man askance, trying to decide if he was a threat.
10. She looked at the unfamiliar city askance, feeling out of place.
11. He looked at the expensive car askance, wondering how anyone could afford it.
12. The doctor looked at the patient's rash askance, concerned about the diagnosis.
13. She looked at the strange behavior of the animal askance, trying to understand what it was doing.
14. She looked askance at the stranger who approached her late at night.
15. He raised an eyebrow, regarding the offer askance.
16. The audience watched the magician's tricks askance, searching for deception.
17. The teacher glanced askance at the student who always had excuses.
18. The neighbors eyed the noisy party next door askance.
19. The manager viewed the employee's frequent absences askance.
20. The detective questioned the suspect askance, sensing dishonesty.
21. She tilted her head askance when he mentioned his incredible luck.
22. The investors regarded the risky proposal askance.
23. The cat observed the new puppy's antics askance.
24. She listened to the politician's promises askance, wary of empty words.
25. The librarian looked askance at the overdue book, imposing a fine.



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