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How to pronounce dubiously (audio)


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Dictionary definition of dubiously

With uncertainty, skepticism, or doubt.
"He raised an eyebrow dubiously as he listened to the outlandish story."

Detailed meaning of dubiously

When someone behaves dubiously, they are hesitant or skeptical about the truth, reliability, or validity of something. It signifies a sense of suspicion or a lack of confidence in a particular situation or information. People may exhibit dubiously when faced with questionable claims, dubious evidence, or uncertain outcomes. It implies a state of being unsure or having reservations about the accuracy or credibility of someone or something. This adverb suggests a cautious and critical mindset, reflecting the need for further inquiry or clarification before forming a solid judgment. In summary, "dubiously" characterizes an action or attitude that is marked by skepticism or doubt, indicating a lack of complete trust or confidence.

Example sentences containing dubiously

1. The teacher looked dubiously at the student's excuse for not completing the assignment.
2. She dubiously inspected the new product, unsure if it would live up to its claims.
3. The politician made a dubiously confident statement during the press conference.
4. The detective eyed the suspect dubiously, questioning the truthfulness of their alibi.
5. The audience watched dubiously as the magician performed an impossible trick.
6. The customer dubiously examined the low-priced item, wondering if it was of good quality.

History and etymology of dubiously

The adverb 'dubiously' derives from the adjective 'dubious.' The adjective 'dubious' has its etymological origins in the Latin word 'dubius,' which means 'doubtful' or 'uncertain.' In Latin, 'dubius' is related to 'dubare,' meaning 'to doubt.' Therefore, the etymology of 'dubiously' conveys the idea of acting or expressing oneself with uncertainty, skepticism, or doubt. It reflects a sense of hesitancy or suspicion when approaching a situation or considering information. The word 'dubiously' is used to describe actions, statements, or attitudes that are marked by a lack of confidence or trust, where doubt or skepticism is a prevalent aspect of the approach or perspective.

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Further usage examples of dubiously

1. The dog tilted its head dubiously as it sniffed the unfamiliar object.
2. The hiker dubiously surveyed the dark clouds approaching, unsure if it would rain.
3. The investor dubiously considered the risky proposal, weighing the potential gains against the possible losses.
4. She accepted the job offer dubiously, concerned about the company's reputation.
5. The scientist presented the controversial findings dubiously, knowing they would face scrutiny.
6. She dubiously eyed the unusual package on her doorstep.
7. He accepted the offer dubiously, unsure of its legitimacy.
8. The proposal was met with dubiously raised eyebrows.
9. They dubiously questioned the credibility of the source.
10. He glanced at the dubious product with skepticism.
11. The jury looked dubiously at the defendant's alibi.
12. She dubiously considered the implausible explanation.
13. The crowd watched the magician's trick dubiously.
14. He dubiously assessed the value of the antique.
15. We dubiously approached the rundown amusement park.
16. The scientist dubiously reviewed the surprising results.
17. The team dubiously analyzed the competitor's strategy.
18. She dubiously inspected the restaurant's hygiene.
19. They dubiously examined the cryptic message.
20. The detective dubiously scrutinized the suspect's alibi.
21. He dubiously questioned the authenticity of the artwork.
22. She accepted the challenge dubiously but with determination.
23. The investor dubiously evaluated the startup's prospects.
24. The teacher dubiously assessed the student's excuse.
25. They dubiously considered the accuracy of the weather forecast.



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