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How to pronounce assiduous (audio)

Dictionary Definition of 'assiduous'

Diligent, dedicated, and painstakingly attentive to one's work or tasks.
"He was an assiduous detective who never gave up on a case."

Detailed Meaning of 'assiduous'

When a person is described as assiduous, it implies that they approach their responsibilities with great care and unwavering commitment, consistently putting in considerable effort and attention to detail. Assiduous individuals are known for their persistence and conscientiousness, often going the extra mile to ensure the successful completion of their assignments or projects. This term conveys a strong work ethic and a genuine desire to excel in one's endeavors, highlighting the qualities of diligence, thoroughness, and perseverance.

History and Etymology of 'assiduous'

The adjective 'assiduous' has its etymological roots in Latin. It is derived from the Latin word 'assiduus,' which means 'constant' or 'incessant.' This term was formed by combining 'ad' (to) with 'sedere' (to sit), suggesting the idea of someone who sits by or is constantly engaged in a task. Over time, 'assiduus' evolved into the English word 'assiduous,' retaining its fundamental meaning of being diligent, dedicated, and painstakingly attentive to one's work or tasks. The etymology of 'assiduous' effectively conveys the concept of unwavering commitment and constant engagement, emphasizing the diligence and dedication associated with this adjective.

Examples of 'assiduous' in a Sentence

1. The assiduous team worked tirelessly to complete the project on time.
2. She was an assiduous volunteer who dedicated countless hours to helping others.
3. He was an assiduous scholar who spent years studying and researching his field.
4. The assiduous gardener spent hours every day tending to her plants.
5. She was an assiduous musician who practiced for hours every day.
6. He was an assiduous businessman who worked long hours to build his company.
7. The assiduous chef spent hours preparing each meal.
8. She was an assiduous writer who wrote every day without fail.
9. The assiduous team leader made sure every detail was taken care of.
10. She was the most assiduous pupil in the class.
11. He edited the paper with assiduous attention to detail.
12. She painted with assiduous technique that was flawless to the eye.
13. She typed assiduously and rarely made mistakes.
14. She was an assiduous student who spending all day working in the library.





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