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How to pronounce conscientious (audio)

Dictionary definition of conscientious

Demonstrating careful attention to detail, a strong sense of responsibility, and a commitment to doing tasks thoroughly and diligently.
"The conscientious student always made sure to turn in his assignments on time."

Detailed meaning of conscientious

It implies a sense of responsibility and a desire to do a job well. A conscientious person is known for paying close attention to detail and for being reliable and dependable. They are also known for being honest and ethical in their actions.
Conscientiousness is a trait that is often valued in the workplace and it is associated with strong work ethic, ability to follow through on tasks, and ability to meet deadlines. It is also associated with being reliable, responsible and dependable.
In personal life, a conscientious person is often seen as someone who is reliable, dependable, and trustworthy. They are often seen as thoughtful and considerate in their actions and decisions. They are known to be reliable and dependable, and they take their responsibilities seriously.
The term "conscientious" can also be used to describe an act or action that is done with care and attention to detail, and with a sense of responsibility.

Example sentences containing conscientious

1. The conscientious student always completes assignments on time.
2. A conscientious employee pays meticulous attention to quality.
3. She's a conscientious caregiver, providing excellent care.
4. The team leader's conscientious approach ensures project success.
5. Being conscientious in financial planning leads to stability.
6. A conscientious driver follows traffic laws to the letter.

History and etymology of conscientious

The adjective 'conscientious' has its roots in Latin, particularly from the word 'conscientia,' which means 'consciousness' or 'knowledge.' In Latin, 'conscientia' was formed by combining 'con,' meaning 'with' or 'together,' and 'scientia,' meaning 'knowledge' or 'awareness.' Originally, 'conscientious' referred to individuals who acted in accordance with their inner knowledge or moral sense, demonstrating careful attention to detail, a strong sense of responsibility, and a commitment to doing tasks thoroughly and diligently. Over time, the term came to describe individuals who approach their duties and obligations with a high degree of conscientiousness, reflecting a deep awareness of the ethical and moral aspects of their actions. The etymology of 'conscientious' emphasizes the importance of inner knowledge and moral consciousness in shaping diligent and responsible behavior.

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Further usage examples of conscientious

1. Conscientious workers are invaluable in any organization.
2. Her conscientious effort earned her a promotion.
3. The surgeon's conscientious care saved the patient's life.
4. A conscientious approach to diet and exercise promotes health.
5. Conscientious parenting involves setting clear boundaries.
6. The lawyer's conscientious research strengthened the case.
7. Conscientious conservation efforts protect our environment.
8. Conscientious voters research candidates before voting.
9. Conscientious pet owners prioritize animal welfare.
10. A conscientious traveler respects local customs and cultures.
11. Conscientious volunteers dedicate time to community service.
12. The coach's conscientious training led the team to victory.
13. A conscientious citizen follows civic responsibilities.
14. Conscientious financial management leads to prosperity.
15. He was known for being a conscientious worker, always putting in extra effort.
16. She was conscientious about her studies, always making sure to understand the material thoroughly.
17. He had a conscientious approach to his job, making sure to pay attention to every detail.
18. The teacher was impressed by the conscientious attitude of her students.
19. She was conscientious about her health, always eating well and exercising regularly.
20. He was a conscientious parent, always making sure his children were well taken care of.
21. The manager was pleased with the conscientious effort of her employees.
22. She was a conscientious citizen, always making sure to vote in elections.
23. The doctor was conscientious in his work, always doing his best to help his patients.
24. He was a conscientious driver, always following traffic laws and being careful on the road.
25. She was conscientious about her finances, always making sure to save and invest wisely.
26. He was a conscientious friend, always there to help when needed.



diligent, negligent, careless, inattentive


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