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How to pronounce assortment (audio)

Dictionary Definition of 'assortment'

A varied collection or grouping of different types of items or things.
"The gourmet chocolate shop presented an exquisite assortment of truffles and bonbons."

Detailed Meaning of 'assortment'

It represents a diverse assortment of objects, often gathered or presented together for a particular purpose. An assortment can consist of a range of items that differ in shape, size, color, flavor, or other distinguishing features. It implies a mixture or selection of diverse elements that collectively form a cohesive whole. For example, a candy store might offer an assortment of candies, including different flavors, shapes, and textures. Similarly, a clothing boutique may display an assortment of garments, featuring various styles, colors, and sizes. The term "assortment" suggests a deliberate arrangement or combination, offering a choice or variety to meet different preferences or needs. It highlights the concept of diversity and the presence of multiple options within a single group or collection.

History and Etymology of 'assortment'

The noun 'assortment' has an etymology that reflects its diverse nature. It is derived from the Old French word 'assortir,' which means 'to assort' or 'to arrange in a certain order.' 'Assortir' is a combination of 'a-' (a prefix meaning 'to') and 'sortir' (meaning 'to sort' or 'to arrange'). In essence, 'assortment' originally emphasized the act of sorting or arranging items into different categories or groups. Over time, as the word made its way into English, it took on the meaning of a varied collection or grouping of different types of items or things. The etymology of 'assortment' highlights the concept of sorting and arranging diverse elements into a cohesive whole, reflecting the varied nature of the collection or grouping it describes.

Examples of 'assortment' in a Sentence

1. The boutique showcased an elegant assortment of dresses, suits, and accessories for formal occasions.
2. The music store had an impressive assortment of vinyl records, CDs, and musical instruments.
3. The online retailer offered an assortment of electronic gadgets, including smartphones, tablets, and smartwatches.
4. The stationery store had a diverse assortment of notebooks, pens, and stationery sets.
5. The garden center had an assortment of flowering plants, herbs, and shrubs for gardening enthusiasts.
6. The store offers a delightful assortment of chocolates.
7. The restaurant menu has a diverse assortment of dishes.
8. Her garden boasts a colorful assortment of flowers.
9. The gift shop has an eclectic assortment of souvenirs.
10. We sampled an exotic assortment of fruits at the market.
11. The bakery displayed a tempting assortment of pastries.
12. The toy store has a vast assortment of playthings.
13. The museum's art collection features a rich assortment.
14. The boutique offers a stylish assortment of clothing.
15. The library has a vast assortment of books to choose from.
16. The buffet had an impressive assortment of international cuisines.
17. He proudly displayed his assortment of vintage cars.
18. The craft store sells a creative assortment of materials.
19. The jewelry shop showcases a stunning assortment of gems.
20. The pet store has an adorable assortment of puppies.
21. The hardware store carries a wide assortment of tools.
22. The bar offers an extensive assortment of craft beers.
23. The market has a seasonal assortment of fresh produce.
24. The electronics store stocks a high-tech assortment.
25. Her art studio features an ever-changing assortment of paintings.





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