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How to pronounce range (audio)


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Dictionary definition of range

A broad spectrum or extent of something, typically indicating the boundaries within which it operates or varies.
"The store offers a wide range of products, from electronics to clothing."

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Detailed meaning of range

It can describe a variety of things, such as a series or sequence of items, a scale or scope of values, or a geographical area. The range often signifies the span between the lowest and highest points or the full extent of possibilities within a particular context. For example, in the context of numbers, range represents the difference between the highest and lowest values in a given dataset. In the context of geography, it denotes a specific area or region. Additionally, range can also refer to a stove or cooking appliance with multiple burners or heating elements. Overall, the term 'range' emphasizes the extent, limits, or diversity within a particular domain or set of objects, values, or locations.

Example sentences containing range

1. The hiker trekked across a vast mountain range, enjoying the breathtaking views.
2. The singer showcased her vocal range during the performance, hitting high and low notes effortlessly.
3. The target was set up at a distance within the range of the archer's bow.
4. The children played with toy cars, creating a race track within the range of their imagination.
5. The temperature outside fell within the comfortable range, making it a pleasant day.
6. The hunter took aim at the deer within shooting range.

History and etymology of range

The noun 'range' has a diverse etymological history. It originates from the Old French word 'range,' which meant 'row' or 'line,' and this Old French term can be traced back to the Vulgar Latin word ' *rancius,' referring to a line or a row. In turn, '*rancius' is believed to have its roots in the Latin 'renges,' meaning 'ranks' or 'files.' The evolution of 'range' from denoting a row or line to indicating a broad spectrum or extent of something reflects the expansion of its meaning over time. Today, 'range' is commonly used to describe the boundaries within which something operates or varies, illustrating how words can undergo semantic shifts throughout their linguistic history.

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Further usage examples of range

1. The orchestra conductor directed the musicians to play a range of musical genres, from classical to jazz.
2. The radio station played songs from a wide range of eras and artists.
3. The scientist measured the pH range of the liquid to determine its acidity or alkalinity.
4. The company offers a salary range for the job position, depending on experience and qualifications.
5. The chef prepared a range of dishes to cater to different dietary preferences.
6. The weather in this region has a wide range of temperatures.
7. Our product line includes a diverse range of options.
8. The singer's voice has an impressive vocal range.
9. The mountain range was a majestic sight in the distance.
10. The price range for these cars is quite extensive.
11. She explored a wide range of hobbies before finding her passion.
12. The age range of the participants varies from 18 to 60.
13. The wildlife in this area represents a diverse range of species.
14. The store offers a broad range of electronic gadgets.
15. The spectrum analyzer measures a wide range of frequencies.
16. We have a vast range of flavors to choose from.
17. The movie appeals to a wide age range of viewers.
18. The artist's work spans a wide range of styles and mediums.
19. The stock market experienced a volatile range of fluctuations.
20. Our restaurant caters to a range of dietary preferences.
21. The exhibit showcases a range of historical artifacts.
22. His interests cover a wide range of academic disciplines.
23. The athlete demonstrated an impressive range of skills.
24. The conference addressed a broad range of topics.
25. Our library collection includes a diverse range of books.



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