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How to pronounce fortunate (audio)


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Dictionary definition of fortunate

Bringing good luck, success, or favorable outcomes.
"She considered herself fortunate to have found true love."

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Detailed meaning of fortunate

It denotes being favored by fortune or having positive opportunities and experiences. A fortunate person is someone who is blessed with advantageous situations, such as financial stability, good health, loving relationships, or achieving their goals. They may have encountered serendipitous events, received unexpected assistance, or overcome challenges with ease. Being fortunate implies a sense of gratitude and appreciation for the blessings in one's life. It acknowledges the presence of favorable conditions and highlights the notion of being fortunate as a stroke of luck or a manifestation of positive destiny. However, it is important to remember that fortune can be fleeting, and it is essential to cherish and make the most of the opportunities that come our way.

Example sentences containing fortunate

1. I consider myself fortunate to have a supportive family.
2. The fortunate winner of the lottery was overwhelmed with joy.
3. She was fortunate enough to find her lost wallet.
4. We were fortunate to witness the breathtaking sunset on the beach.
5. Being in the right place at the right time, he had a fortunate encounter with his favorite celebrity.
6. The fortunate students received scholarships to pursue their dreams.

History and etymology of fortunate

The adjective 'fortunate' has its origins in Latin. It can be traced back to the Latin word 'fortunatus,' which is the past participle of 'fortunare,' a verb derived from 'fortuna,' meaning 'luck' or 'fortune.' In Roman mythology, Fortuna was the goddess of luck, fate, and fortune. Therefore, the etymology of 'fortunate' is closely linked to the concept of luck and favorable outcomes. To be 'fortunate' originally meant to be favored by luck or fortune, and over time, it came to describe individuals or situations that bring good luck, success, or positive results. This etymology highlights the connection between the word 'fortunate' and the belief in the influence of luck and fate on one's circumstances.

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Further usage examples of fortunate

1. Despite the challenging circumstances, we were fortunate to have a roof over our heads.
2. The fortunate turn of events led to a successful business partnership.
3. The fortunate circumstances allowed him to travel the world.
4. The fortunate timing of his arrival saved him from missing the train.
5. It was a fortunate coincidence that they both ended up studying the same subject.
6. The fortunate discovery of a hidden treasure brought immense wealth to the explorer.
7. Despite the stormy weather, they were fortunate to have a smooth flight.
8. The fortunate decision to invest early paid off handsomely.
9. He felt fortunate to have loyal friends who supported him unconditionally.
10. The fortunate twist of fate led her to the job of her dreams.
11. They were fortunate to have a talented chef prepare their meals.
12. The fortunate opportunity to study abroad broadened her horizons.
13. We were fortunate to find a parking spot right in front of the restaurant.
14. Despite the rain, they were fortunate to have a memorable wedding.
15. He considers himself fortunate to have a loving family.
16. Winning the lottery was an incredibly fortunate turn of events.
17. She felt fortunate to have a supportive network of friends.
18. Starting the business during a booming economy was fortunate.
19. Traveling the world is a fortunate perk of the job.
20. The fortunate timing of their arrival saved them from the traffic jam.
21. We are fortunate to live in a peaceful and stable country.
22. Her quick thinking in the emergency situation proved fortunate.
23. Having good health is the most fortunate gift one can have.
24. Finding your soulmate is a truly fortunate experience.



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