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How to pronounce avatar (audio)

Dictionary Definition of 'avatar'

A graphical representation of a person or entity in virtual reality, online gaming, or social media platforms.
"She chose a mythical creature as her avatar in the fantasy role-playing game."

Detailed Meaning of 'avatar'

It can be a digital image or a 3D model that represents the user or character in a virtual world. Avatars are often customizable, allowing users to choose their appearance, clothing, and accessories. They are commonly used in online communities to create a sense of identity and to interact with other users. The term "avatar" is derived from Hindu mythology, where it refers to the incarnation of a deity or a human soul in a physical form.

History and Etymology of 'avatar'

The noun 'avatar' has a fascinating etymology that traces back to ancient Sanskrit, an Indo-European language. It is derived from the combination of two Sanskrit words: 'ava,' meaning 'down,' and 'tara,' meaning 'crossing' or 'passing over.' This etymological origin signifies the concept of a deity descending or taking on a physical form to interact with the mortal world, which is a common theme in Hindu mythology. Over time, the term 'avatar' evolved and found its place in modern digital culture, where it refers to a graphical representation of a person or entity in virtual reality, online gaming, or social media platforms. This transformation of meaning from divine incarnations to digital personas highlights the adaptability of language in response to evolving technological landscapes.

Examples of 'avatar' in a Sentence

1. The movie explored the idea of humans controlling avatars on an alien planet.
2. The forum members identified each other by their avatars and usernames.
3. The VR game provides an immersive experience where your avatar interacts with the virtual world.
4. Her avatar in the simulation game had exceptional skills and abilities.
5. He designed a personalized avatar for his online business profile.
6. The science fiction novel featured a world where people lived as avatars in a digital realm.
7. The avatar in the online forum had a humorous catchphrase as its signature.
8. The artist created a stunning illustration of her avatar for her website.
9. Players can level up their avatars by completing quests and challenges in the game.
10. The website allows you to upload a photo to use as your avatar.
11. The futuristic movie showcased a society where people communicated primarily through avatars.
12. His avatar in the virtual classroom reflected his real-life appearance.
13. The company's logo was used as an avatar on their social media profiles.
14. My avatar in the game wields a mighty sword, ready for battle.
15. She customized her avatar with vibrant colors and intricate details.
16. The avatar's graceful dance moves mesmerized the online audience.
17. His avatar's virtual clothing collection was the envy of the community.
18. In the virtual world, my avatar explores fantastical realms.
19. The avatar's expression conveyed a sense of determination.
20. Our avatars teamed up to solve challenging quests together.
21. The avatar's emote perfectly captured the mood of the moment.
22. Her avatar's skills were unmatched in the online tournament.
23. I designed my avatar to reflect my real-world personality.
24. The avatar's popularity soared as it gained more followers.





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