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How to pronounce likeness (audio)


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Dictionary definition of likeness

The quality or state of being similar or resembling someone or something else.
"The cartoonist captured the politician's likeness in a humorous caricature."

Detailed meaning of likeness

It conveys the notion of similarity, resemblance, or similarity in appearance, characteristics, or qualities. A likeness can be a visual representation or a portrayal that captures the physical or essential attributes of a person or object. It can be an image, a drawing, a sculpture, or any other form of artistic or visual representation that aims to depict the resemblance of the subject. Additionally, "likeness" can also refer to a similarity or resemblance in terms of personality traits, behaviors, or mannerisms. It signifies the correspondence or similarity between individuals or things in terms of their qualities, nature, or essence. The concept of likeness plays a significant role in portraiture, identification, recognition, and understanding the commonalities and connections between people, objects, or ideas.

Example sentences containing likeness

1. The artist captured a remarkable likeness of the famous actor in the portrait.
2. There is a striking likeness between the two sisters, they could be mistaken for twins.
3. The sculpture displayed an incredible likeness to the historical figure it portrayed.
4. The detective used the suspect's likeness to create a composite sketch.
5. The family resemblance showed a strong likeness among the siblings.
6. The painting bore a remarkable likeness to the breathtaking landscape.

History and etymology of likeness

The noun 'likeness' traces its etymological origins to Middle English, specifically the word 'liknesse,' which emerged in the 13th century. In this term, the suffix '-ness' is used to denote a state, quality, or condition. The root of 'likeness' is the Old English word 'licnes,' derived from 'lic' (meaning 'body' or 'form'). Interestingly, 'licnes' originally referred to the physical resemblance of one person to another. Over time, the meaning of 'likeness' expanded to encompass not only physical resemblance but also the broader concept of similarity or resemblance in general. Thus, examining the etymology of 'likeness' reveals its fundamental meaning as 'the quality or state of being similar or resembling someone or something else.'

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Further usage examples of likeness

1. The forensic expert used facial recognition technology to determine the likeness of the unidentified person.
2. The designer created a logo that had a strong likeness to the client's vision.
3. The actor's performance had a remarkable likeness to the mannerisms of the historical figure he portrayed.
4. The twins had such a strong likeness that even their closest friends often confused them.
5. The software analyzed the facial likeness between two photographs to determine if they were of the same person.
6. The striking likeness between the twins often confused people.
7. The artist captured the subject's likeness with incredible detail.
8. Her smile bore a strong likeness to her mother's.
9. The sculpture's lifelike likeness impressed everyone who saw it.
10. The family resemblance showed a clear likeness among siblings.
11. The forensic expert used facial likeness to identify the suspect.
12. The computer program created a digital likeness of the famous painting.
13. The actor's portrayal had an uncanny likeness to the historical figure.
14. The facial recognition software analyzed the likeness to unlock the phone.
15. The genetic likeness between the two cousins was remarkable.
16. The artist's skill in capturing likeness made the portrait valuable.
17. The caricature exaggerated his likeness for comedic effect.
18. The artist's goal was to convey a spiritual likeness in the painting.
19. The DNA test confirmed the biological likeness of the siblings.
20. The wax museum featured lifelike likenesses of famous celebrities.
21. The photographer aimed to capture the natural likeness of the subject.
22. The family heirloom bore a strong likeness to its original design.
23. The sketch artist quickly drew a likeness of the suspect.
24. The documentary sought to explore the cultural likeness between nations.
25. The software adjusted the image to enhance facial likeness.



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