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How to pronounce hound (audio)


Dictionary definition of hound

To persist and relentlessly pursue or harass someone or something.
"The paparazzi would hound the celebrity wherever she went."

Detailed meaning of hound

It involves actively and continuously pursuing or pressuring an individual or an entity, often with the intention of causing distress or obtaining a desired outcome. To hound someone means to chase, follow, or pursue them relentlessly, either physically or metaphorically. It implies a tenacious and determined effort to track, seek, or provoke a response from the target. The act of hounding can involve constant questioning, pestering, or pressuring someone, leaving them feeling overwhelmed or harassed. It can also involve continuously pursuing a goal or objective, never relenting until it is achieved. Overall, hounding involves persistent and often bothersome actions directed towards someone or something with the aim of achieving a specific outcome or causing distress.

Example sentences containing hound

1. The detective would hound suspects until he found the truth.
2. The paparazzi would hound celebrities for exclusive photographs.
3. The persistent journalist would hound politicians for interviews.
4. The creditors would hound the debtor for payment.
5. The dog would hound the squirrel, determined to catch it.
6. The salesperson would hound potential customers with phone calls and emails.

History and etymology of hound

The verb 'hound' has its etymological roots in Old English, where it was originally 'hund,' which meant 'dog.' This connection to canines is evident in the verb's usage, as to 'hound' someone is to persistently pursue or harass them, much like a dog might relentlessly chase its prey or follow a scent. Over time, the word 'hound' extended beyond its literal association with dogs and came to represent the act of pursuing or pressuring someone or something persistently and often with great determination. The etymology of 'hound' illustrates how language can adapt and expand its meanings, drawing on the characteristics of animals to describe human behaviors and actions.

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Further usage examples of hound

1. The investigator would hound witnesses for crucial information.
2. The boss would hound employees to meet tight deadlines.
3. The campaign team would hound voters to support their candidate.
4. The coach would hound the players to give their best performance.
5. The debt collector would hound individuals to repay their loans.
6. The kids would hound their parents for a new toy.
7. The journalist would hound sources for insider information.
8. The fans would hound the celebrity for autographs and pictures.
9. The critic would hound the artist for an explanation of their work.
10. The creditors would hound the bankrupt company for repayment.
11. The ex-partner would hound their former lover with constant messages.
12. The reporter would hound the company's spokesperson for a statement.
13. The photographer would hound wildlife for the perfect shot.
14. The supervisor would hound the employees to maintain a high level of productivity.

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