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How to pronounce bashful (audio)

Dictionary Definition of 'bashful'

Shy, reserved, or timid, often in social situations or when encountering unfamiliar people or attention.
"The bashful artist was hesitant to show their work to others."

Detailed Meaning of 'bashful'

When someone is described as bashful, it implies that they tend to feel self-conscious or uncomfortable in the spotlight, and they may avoid drawing attention to themselves. Bashful individuals may exhibit signs of modesty, blushing, or reluctance to engage in conversations or activities that put them in the center of attention. This term emphasizes a tendency to be reserved or reticent, and it is often associated with a charming or endearing quality of modesty in one's demeanor.

History and Etymology of 'bashful'

The adjective 'bashful' has a charming etymology rooted in Middle English. It evolved from the Middle English word 'basshe,' which meant 'modest' or 'shamefaced,' and it was influenced by the word 'bache,' which meant 'simple' or 'plain.' These Middle English terms ultimately find their origins in the Old English word 'bæs,' meaning 'modest' or 'reverent.' Thus, 'bashful' originally described someone who was modest or shy, often displaying a sense of reverence or restraint, particularly in social situations or when encountering unfamiliar people or attention. The etymology of 'bashful' reflects its historical association with modesty and timidity, capturing the idea of someone who is reserved and hesitant in social interactions.

Examples of 'bashful' in a Sentence

1. The bashful employee hesitated to share his innovative idea during the meeting.
2. Her bashful expression was endearing as she accepted the bouquet of flowers.
3. The bashful artist was not used to the attention and praise for her work.
4. When asked about his achievements, he became bashful and tried to change the subject.
5. The young actor was bashful during interviews but became confident when playing a role.
6. The puppy was bashful at first but soon started wagging its tail and playing with the children.
7. Sarah felt bashful at the party, preferring to observe from the sidelines.
8. His bashful smile charmed everyone he met.
9. The bashful student hesitated to speak up in class.
10. Emily's bashful demeanor melted away as she gained confidence.
11. Despite his talents, he remained bashful about sharing his work.
12. The bashful child clung to their parent in the new environment.
13. She gave a bashful wave when introduced to the crowd.
14. James grew less bashful with each successful presentation.
15. The bashful puppy hid behind its owner's legs.
16. Her bashful nature made it challenging to network at events.
17. He blushed and looked bashful when complimented.
18. The bashful teenager struggled with public speaking.
19. A bashful grin escaped when he received praise.
20. The bashful introvert found solace in books.
21. Despite her bashful facade, she was quite talented.
22. His bashful tendencies faded as he made new friends.
23. The bashful employee shied away from the spotlight.
24. A bashful giggle escaped her lips in embarrassment.
25. He was bashful around his crush, unable to speak coherently.
26. The bashful bride blushed as she walked down the aisle.
27. The bashful toddler clung to their stuffed animal.
28. She overcame her bashful nature through public speaking classes.
29. The bashful actor found courage on the stage.
30. His bashful nature gave way to confidence over time.
31. Despite his bashful exterior, he was incredibly intelligent.





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