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How to pronounce demure (audio)

Dictionary definition of demure

Reserved, modest, and characterized by a quiet and composed demeanor.
"Her demure attitude and soft-spoken manner made her popular with everyone."

Detailed meaning of demure

When we refer to an individual as demure, we are highlighting their tendency to be unassuming, discreet, and not inclined to draw attention to themselves. Demure people often exhibit a sense of decorum and propriety, adhering to social norms and conventions. They may come across as shy or reticent, but their demureness is often accompanied by a certain grace and an air of dignity. This term conveys a sense of humility and a preference for subtlety over flamboyance, suggesting that the person is comfortable with a more reserved and understated approach to social interactions and self-presentation.

Example sentences containing demure

1. Her demure attire and soft-spoken manner made her stand out at the party.
2. A demure smile added to her charm during the interview.
3. The demure actress captivated the audience with her understated performance.
4. The demure color palette of the room created a serene ambiance.
5. Her demure personality hid a fierce determination to succeed.
6. The demure bride looked radiant in her simple wedding gown.

History and etymology of demure

The adjective 'demure' has its origins in the Old French word 'demourer,' which means 'to linger' or 'to stay.' In Middle English, 'demourer' evolved to include the sense of being reserved or modest in one's demeanor. Over time, 'demure' came to describe individuals who are characterized by a quiet and composed manner, often displaying modesty, shyness, or restraint in their behavior. The etymology of 'demure' underscores its historical connection to the idea of lingering or staying in a reserved and composed way, emphasizing the qualities of modesty and self-restraint that are typically associated with a demure demeanor.

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Further usage examples of demure

1. A demure nod of agreement indicated her compliance.
2. The demure student's quiet confidence impressed the teacher.
3. A demure response in the face of criticism showed her maturity.
4. The demure artwork left room for interpretation and reflection.
5. The demure elegance of the ballerina's movements left the audience in awe.
6. Her demure behavior belied her intelligence and wit.
7. The demure atmosphere of the library encouraged quiet study.
8. The demure design of the building blended seamlessly with its surroundings.
9. A demure entrance allowed her to make a graceful arrival.
10. The demure aroma of freshly baked bread filled the kitchen.
11. Her demure humility was a refreshing contrast to arrogance.
12. The demure lighting in the restaurant created a cozy ambiance.
13. The demure details in the painting revealed hidden symbolism.
14. A demure acknowledgment of achievement reflected her modesty.
15. The demure fragrance of the flowers enhanced the garden's beauty.
16. A demure handshake conveyed both professionalism and respect.
17. The demure colors in the artwork evoked a sense of calm.
18. Her demure laughter hinted at a playful spirit.
19. The demure charm of the small town appealed to many visitors.



modest, bold, flamboyant, assertive


GRE 4 (Graduate Record Examination), SAT 7 (Scholastic Assessment Test), Composure and Amiability

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